Facebook Groups for Bloggers: Everything You Need to Know to Skyrocket Your Blog Growth

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Are you trying to figure out how to use Facebook (for free) to promote and grow your blog? Maybe you’ve heard about sharing threads or Facebook Groups for bloggers and are wondering if they’re worth all the hype.

Let me paint a picture for you. Raise your hand if this sounds familiar…

You start a blog, write epic blog posts, share links to them on Facebook, and stare at the screen waiting for your notifications to start dinging non-stop as the likes, comments, and shares roll in. 

You wait, and wait, and crickets. You get a few likes but nothing close to the fanfare you were expecting. Finally realizing it’s not happening, you shake your fists at the sky while screaming, “WHY?!?!” 


So how do you get your content seen? And, more importantly, how do you get your content shared to grow your blog traffic?

Facebook Groups, people! And more specifically, Facebook Groups for bloggers.

How To Use Facebook Groups for Bloggers to Grow Your Blog

Okay, yes… using Pinterest to promote your blog is still a must for driving traffic to your blog. But you don’t want to rely on just one traffic source. You’ve gotta diversify!

And you can even use Facebook to boost your Pinterest engagement. It’s a win-win! So let’s talk more about Facebook Groups! 

Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and get ready to start taking notes! In this complete guide to Facebook Groups for blogging, you’re going to learn everything you need to know about using FB Groups as a blogger.

Here’s what we’ll be covering:

• What Facebook Groups are all about

• 7 Ways Facebook Groups for Bloggers Will Help You Grow Your Blog

• How To Find and Join Facebook Groups for Bloggers

• The 7 Best Facebook Groups to Join for Blogging

• 12 Tips for Participating In and Making the Most of Facebook Groups for Bloggers

I’m also going to give you a FREE Facebook Groups for Bloggers Cheat Sheet at the end of this post. But before I dive into how to use Facebook Groups for bloggers, I would love to connect with you on Facebook! 

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What Are Facebook Groups for Bloggers

So what are Facebook Groups anyway? What are they all about, and why should you care about them? 

Think of Facebook Groups as online clubs with members sharing common goals and interests, such as blogging. They bring like-minded people together and are a fantastic tool for: 

• Networking and connecting with other bloggers

• Sharing and obtaining helpful information

• Learning tips and tricks

• Finding inspiration

• Staying motivated

• And more!

There are countless Facebook Groups out there for just about anything you can imagine. As a blogger, you want to get in on the Facebook Groups specifically for blogging. 

Facebook Groups for bloggers are one of THE BEST ways to promote your blog content, grow your audience, generate engagement, and skyrocket your blog traffic!

Most Facebook Groups are private, meaning that you have to request to join them and then be approved to gain access. 

Wondering how to find and join the best Facebook Groups for bloggers? Keep reading for more on that below!

7 Ways Facebook Groups for Bloggers Will Help You Grow Your Blog

I truly believe that Facebook Groups for bloggers have been INVALUABLE for me! I wish I had known about them and started participating in them from day one. But better late than never, right?

Hopefully, sharing my love of Facebook Groups will help you reap the rewards of Facebook Groups for your blog sooner rather than later.

There are many reasons why joining and actively participating in Facebook Groups for blogging will be incredibly helpful for you.

Oh Facebook Groups, how much do I love you? Let me count the ways…

1. Share Threads

This is my NUMBER ONE favorite reason for participating in Facebook Groups. Share threads are GOLD! They are a fantastic way to boost your blog traffic, Pinterest engagement, and social media following!

Share threads are posts within the Facebook Group with the goal of sharing each other’s content to reach new and larger audiences. Examples include blog post shares, Pin shares, blog post comments, social media following, self-promotion, and more!

The general idea is that you comment on the post with a link or Pin to the content you want shared. Then you do your part and reciprocate by sharing other bloggers’ content as well. And hopefully, your content will receive several shares as well other bloggers will share your content to their audience to give.

The post will specify what kind of share thread it is, the rules for participating (such as how many other links or Pins you have to share), and usually a deadline for when you have to finish by. So make sure you read and follow the rules.

2. Network with Other Bloggers

They say it’s all about who you know. And Facebook Groups are a fantastic way to network with other bloggers. But why should you network other bloggers? Aren’t they your competition? 

Don’t think of other bloggers as your competition. Think of them as potential partners. You can develop relationships and even friendships, supporting each other by sharing and commenting on one another’s content. 

You can learn from and grow with each other, brainstorm and bounce ideas off one another, hold each other accountable, and have someone to turn to when you need help or motivation. It’s nice to know you have someone you can turn to in the blogging world.

I’ve met several other bloggers in Facebook Groups, both in my niche and in general. We now follow and support each other with our blogs as well as Instagram by liking and commenting on one another’s posts. Networking with your fellow bloggers can be a great way to grow your blog!

3. Discover Blogging / Collaboration Opportunities

Another way Facebook Groups can help you grow your blog is by giving you blogging and collaboration opportunities. You can find bloggers who are trying to find blog posts to include in a round-up post they’re putting together or who are looking for someone to write a guest post for their blog. 

Being featured in a round-up post or guest post on someone else’s blog is key for getting backlinks to your blog. Backlinks will improve your SEO, boost your Domain Authority (DA) score, and climb the Google search results ladder. All good things!

You can also collaborate with other bloggers to work together on a common goal. Examples include doing a giveaway together, social media takeovers, cross-promoting each other’s complementary content, group projects like a series or e-book, the list goes on!

And if you’re looking for a way to make some money on the side, you may also find blogging-related jobs in Facebook Groups. Then when the time comes for you to expand your blogging empire, perhaps you can find someone to hire from a Facebook Group.

4. Find Inspiration for Blog Posts

Facebook Group members will often post questions asking for how-tos, advice, or recommendations. These posts can provide valuable insight into what other bloggers need help with. Use that as inspiration for new blog posts! 

If one blogger is asking about something, chances are there are more bloggers out there who could use the same info. Solve their problem, and they’ll most likely want to share your blog post. In turn, your blog post could potentially reach and help thousands of other bloggers.

5. Get Helpful Blogging Tips & Info

You can learn SO MUCH from Facebook blogging Groups! This includes tools of the trade, business advice, WordPress tips, technical troubleshooting, Pinterest strategies, affiliate marketing methods, and more. You may even find helpful legal or tax guidance for blogging.

You can post questions to get input from other bloggers. And you can also learn from questions posted by others that you didn’t even know to ask. Blogger Group members are happy to share their feedback and give you the answers you need. It’s amazing the information you can find in Facebook Groups!

6. Share Your Knowledge to Help Others

It’s a two-way street. If you’re getting valuable information from the Group, return the favor. Share your experiences with things that have or have not worked for you.

By providing helpful and relevant information, you could be seen in the blogging community as an “expert”. In turn, you could gain a loyal following from fellow bloggers.

7. Support from the Blogging Community

Blogging can be lonely at times. You work remotely without the camaraderie of coworkers. But with Facebook Groups, you get a true community with the support of your fellow bloggers.

Share your wins and frustrations. Let others know how hard it was and how long it took you to reach a goal. You’re not the only one struggling. #thestruggleisreal

For example, not everyone makes $10,000 their first (or even twelfth) month of blogging. Hi. 🙋‍♀️ I’m one of the bloggers not making a full-time income yet. How about you? After seeing other bloggers’ income reports with them making bank from their blog, it’s hard not to compare yourself and get discouraged.

So it’s a huge relief to know that other bloggers are going fighting the same battles you are. Realizing you’re not alone in your blogging journey could be the thing that pushes you to keep going and eventually reach your blogging goals. Facebook Groups can help you get there!

What’s not to love?! If you’re wondering where to focus your social media efforts, Facebook Groups should be at the top of your list!

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Facebook Groups for Bloggers Cheat Sheet

How To Find and Join Facebook Groups for Bloggers

You can search for Facebook Groups on Google. Or you can search directly on Facebook within Groups. Try searching “bloggers” or “blogging.” Other bloggers you follow may even have their own Facebook Groups you’d like to join.

But no need to go through the trouble of searching for Facebook Groups. I’m not only going to give you the 7 best Facebook Groups for bloggers to join. I’m also giving you a free cheat sheet to make the most of them!

And in case you’re wondering, here are the top 3 things to look for when you’re thinking about joining a Group:

• Private Group – You don’t want any and everyone having access to the Group. Instead, you want an exclusive Group that’s closed to the public and requires members to meet certain criteria to be able to join. This helps ensure that members have the same goal to support each other.

• Number of Members (around 1,000 or more is a good rule of thumb) – If there aren’t many members, there may not be enough engagement. If you’re going to participate in a Group, you want to make sure it has good engagement with its members. It does no good to spend your time promoting your blog posts if no one else is sharing them.

• Moderated by the Owner/Admin – The owner or admin of the Group should be looking out for their members to make sure people are following the rules and reciprocating. This will protect the members by holding everyone accountable to keep them invested in the Group.

Once you find Facebook Groups you want to get in on, you’ll need to join them. Most Facebook Groups are private with specific requirements for accepting members. In that case, you’ll have to request to join the Group and be approved by the owner or admin. 

You’ll most likely need to answer some questions, provide information about yourself and/or your blog (such as your blog URL), and agree to the rules of the Group before being accepted into it. 

If you have a business page for your blog, you’ll want to use your personal profile to join Facebook Groups. They want to see who’s behind the blog and keep things personal.

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The Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers to Join

The 7 Best Facebook Groups for Bloggers to Join

So far I’ve covered why you should join Facebook Groups for blogging and how to join them. But you’re probably wondering which Groups are the best for bloggers to join.

So without further ado… 

Here are the best Facebook Groups for bloggers I’ve found that have been a huge help to me in growing my blog traffic and audience!

1. Pinfinite Traffic for Bloggers

This is my favorite Facebook Group for blogging! Founded by Jen Towkaniuk of Digital SheEO, this Group is focused on Pinterest. More specifically, growing blog traffic through the use of Pinterest. 

The share threads are awesome for boosting your blog traffic while also growing your Pinterest engagement at the same time. I’m all about working smarter, not harder! Since Pinterest tends to be the top source of traffic for many bloggers (including myself), this Group is a must-join!

Join the Pinfinite Traffic for Bloggers Group here!

2. ASelfGuru – Biz Blog Community

This Facebook Group is by Amira of A Self Guru and is specifically for bloggers whose goal is to make money online. Amira is a lawyer, 6-figure blogger, and business coach who offers legal templates to use for your blog and business. So she knows her stuff!

The Group includes daily share threads with high engagement from its nearly 6k members. Plus, you can also find valuable legal tips for blogging as well business in general, making this Group incredibly helpful!

Join the ASelfGuru – Biz Blog Community here!

3. Newbie & Expert Bloggers Unite

While fairly new, this Facebook Group created by Lucy Reyes of Cheers to Blogging has grown to be a supportive blogging community for bloggers of all levels. Lucy had been an active member of several other Facebook Groups for bloggers that I belong to. 

When I saw that she was starting her own Facebook Group, I jumped at the chance to join, mainly to be supportive at first. But Lucy has done an excellent job creating an engaging Group with helpful share threads that I look forward to participating in.

And in addition to the daily share threads, there are also support threads throughout the week for networking and collaboration, blogging tips (different topics each week), asking for feedback, and sharing wins. There’s something for everyone!

Join the Newbie & Expert Bloggers Unite Group here!

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4. Blogging for New Bloggers

With over 33,000 members, this is by far the largest of my top picks for Facebook Groups for Bloggers! Hosted by Lucrezia & Marina of Blogging for New Bloggers and Tinylovebug, this Group helps new bloggers start and run a successful blog. 

And even though the main focus is geared towards blogging newbies, joining is also still worthwhile for more seasoned bloggers. Beyond the daily promo threads to grow your blog and social media following, this Group is a community for bloggers to connect, learn from each other, and grow together.

Join the Blogging for New Bloggers Group here!

5. Blogging Babes Collective

Sasha Lassey of Everyday She’s Sparkling founded this Facebook Group with over 6k members. It’s all about working together collaboratively to build and grow your blog in a supportive environment.

One of the things I really like about the share threads with this Group is that you only have to reciprocate with 3 others. Unlike others that may require you to share more (say 5) in return for your post, it takes less time to participate in this Group while still getting great results!

Join the Blogging Babes Collective Group here!

6. Blogging Boss Chicks

Hosted by Ashley Cooper of The Rich Girl Blog, this Facebook Group is for soon-to-be-bloggers looking to start a blog as well as more experienced bloggers. The main goal of the Group is to promote each other’s blogs. Bloggers are also encouraged to seek help and advice from one another.

Join the Blogging Boss Chicks Group here!

7. Golden Bloggerz: Online Blogging Community

This Facebook Group from Chris Kosto of Golden Bloggerz was made to help bloggers grow their blogs and social media accounts. It does this with daily promo/engagement threads to increase blog traffic, shares, comments, followers and subscribers. 

The Group is also about bloggers becoming friends and joining forces with each other. The About section of the Group page says it all with this one statement: “Supporting each other is the key to success.” I couldn’t agree more!

Join the Golden Bloggerz: Online Blogging Community Group here!

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Each of the above Facebook Groups have blog sharing threads to participate in every day of the week. Whether the share threads are to promote your blog post, get comments, share a Pin, grow your social media following, or something else, they’re going to help you!

So be sure to grab a free copy of my Facebook Groups for Bloggers Cheat Sheet for a quick reference guide! The Cheat Sheet breaks down the blog sharing threads by day of the week with links to each Facebook Group for easy access.

Free Download for Facebook Groups for Bloggers Cheat Sheet

Another Facebook Group for Bloggers that I’ve found to be extremely helpful is Blogging Like We Mean It by Carly Campbell of the Pinteresting Strategies Course

There aren’t blog sharing threads with Carly’s Facebook Group. But the information you can get from the Group is priceless! BTW… If you haven’t taken Carly’s course yet and you’re struggling with Pinterest, I highly recommend it!

Free Facebook Groups for Bloggers Cheat Sheet with Tips

12 Tips for Participating In and Making the Most of Facebook Groups for Bloggers

Last but not least, I’m going to tell you exactly how to use Facebook Groups to shame your former blog growth charts. Put Facebook to work for your blog with my top tips below!

1. Read and Follow the Rules

It’s as simple as that. First, make sure you read and follow the general rules of the Group. When you request to join a Group, you’ll most likely be asked to read and agree to the rules before your request will be approved. 

But beyond just the rules of the Group, you’ll also need to read the rules of each share thread. Be aware of the specific kind of share thread you’re participating in and what the requirements are for participation.

For example, if you’re participating in a Pin share thread, don’t share a direct link to your blog post. Share a Pin to the blog post, not the blog post itself. And do you need to comment “Done” under your post when you’ve completed the thread?

These are things you need to check and follow. Otherwise, you could be publicly called out in the post or even removed from the Group altogether. There are rules for a reason  – to ensure the Group is beneficial for the members. We all need to do our part to keep them that way.

2. Prioritize Your Participation

Participating in Facebook Group share threads can be time-consuming. They can easily take hours upon hours out of your day. 

And while you’ll see a return on your time investment, you still need time to create new blog content, write emails, be active on social media, and the list goes on.

Most, if not all, share threads have deadlines for when you must complete them. So you may not have enough time to participate in every share thread or even every Group.

It’s important to prioritize your time. You’ll need to figure out which Facebook Groups and which share threads within the Groups are the most beneficial for you.

3. Be Consistent

Once you’ve determined the Facebook Groups and share threads that are worth your time, be consistent with them.

By consistently participating in blogging Facebook Groups, you’ll consistently grow your blog. Your blog traffic will explode, your Pinterest engagement will skyrocket, and your social media followers will multiply!

You’ll also meet fellow bloggers and build relationships. It’s a phenomenal way to network and generate new opportunities!

4. Give a Brief Description of Your Post or Pin to Stand Out

When I’m scrolling through the comments in the share threads to find suitable Pins or blog posts to share, I don’t want to have to click each one open to see if it’ll be a good option. 

And I’m sure other bloggers feel the same way. So I recommend including a brief description of your post or Pin with the link. Make it easy for other bloggers to know what your content is about and share it.

Like I mentioned, keep it brief. We’re talking a few sentences at most. I typically just use my blog post title (or a variation of it) as the description.

5. Specify the Type of Sharing You Want if There are Options

If other bloggers have the option of where they can share your blog post, ask yourself where your ideal audience is. Which social media channel would be the most beneficial for you?

Personally, I would prefer to have my blog posts shared to Pinterest. But someone else might be trying to grow their Twitter account. If there are sharing options, it’s perfectly okay (even a good idea) to specify where you want your content shared. 

6. Leave Thoughtful Comments

Comments can be incredibly helpful for a blog post. They give social proof and encourage engagement. They’re also a great way for connecting with your audience to create loyal followers.

Some share threads are specifically for blog post comments. But if you’re participating in a comment thread, you don’t want someone to just say “Great post.” You want detailed comments that the person actually put some thought into. So do the same when you comment on someone else’s blog post.

Writing meaningful comments takes time though. You need to read at least some of the blog post to be able to reference specifics in the comment. So when another blogger leaves a comment they clearly put some thought and time into, I like to return the favor.

When I include my blog post in the share thread, I state that I’ll reciprocate and return all thoughtful comments. And I make sure to follow through. This has been helpful for finding fellow bloggers who will do the same.

When I’m looking for blog posts to comment on for my participation, I look for ones that say they’ll reciprocate as well. This is an effective strategy to potentially double the amount of comments received from the share thread.

7. Make It Easy to Share Your Blog Posts

One of my pet peeves is when I go to share someone else’s blog posts, and there’s no convenient way for me to share it. 🤦‍♀️ At that point, I don’t even bother trying to share it and just move on to the next blogger’s post.

You need to make it easy for other people to share your blog posts. Use share buttons with social media networks people can easily choose from to automatically share your blog posts. Also, be sure to include at least one Pin image that’s optimized for sharing to Pinterest.

8. Save the Post to a “Blog Threads to Complete” Collection

To keep track of the share threads I need to complete, I save the posts to a “Blog Threads to Complete” collection I created in Facebook. 

I recommend you create your own collection specifically for share threads (feel free to name it whatever you want). Save the share thread posts you’re participating in to the collection.

Check your saved posts regularly. And make sure you finish the requirements of the share threads you’ve started by the deadline. Once you’ve completed them, you can unsave the post.

9. Don’t Pin Content that’s Not Related to Your Niche

Don’t Participate in “Follow for Follow” or “Pin All” share threads. Focus on quality over quantity. Because you don’t want to share Pins that aren’t relevant to your followers or your Pinterest account.

Pinterest uses your activity to determine what your account is about and who to show your Pins to. Following non-related accounts or Pinning other content that isn’t consistent with your niche will confuse Pinterest and limit the visibility of your own Pins.

By sharing content that’s not related to your niche and having someone else in a different niche share your content, you’ll just be hurting each other. Support and grow your Pinterest account by only Pinning relevant content to target your ideal audience. 

10. Don’t Post the Same Link to Multiple Groups

If you post the same link over and over again, Facebook may see you as spam and block you. Instead, I recommend sharing different content to the daily share threads in various Facebook Groups for the most engagement. 

Many of the same bloggers are members of the Groups I’m in. If they already Pinned my blog post in one Group, they’re not going to Pin the same blog post from another Group. 

They want to give their followers variety. So I want to give them as many opportunities to share my content as possible. I make it easy for them while maximizing the sharing of my content at the same time. Score!

But if you really want to promote one blog post to multiple Groups, try using a link shortener like Bitly.com to create different links to the same content.

11. Don’t Be Spammy

Self-promotion is not only tacky, it’s generally not allowed. The owner of the Facebook Group most likely has their own blog and affiliate links they want to promote within their group. 

And they’re entitled. With all the time and energy they put into moderating their Group to make sure it’s beneficial for the members, they’ve earned the right to promote themselves.

If you post something that is seen as self-promotion, your post will likely be deleted. And you may also be removed from the Group. As tempting as it may be, don’t do it.

Unless of course, it’s allowed. Some of the Facebook Groups for bloggers that I listed above actually have specific self-promo days. Check the Cheat Sheet to see them. Only promote your blog or affiliate links if and when it’s allowed.

12. Don’t Link Drop

Don’t be that person who drops their link and then doesn’t participate. That’s bad form as well as bad juju. If you’re found to be a link-dropper, you’ll be kicked out of Groups.

How would you feel to spend hours helping other bloggers only to find out that they weren’t returning the favor? Just follow the golden rule and do unto others as you would have them do unto you!

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Wrapping Up Facebook Groups for Bloggers

Between what they are, why they’re worth it, which ones to join, and tips for making the most of them, we’ve covered everything you need to know for Facebook Groups for bloggers. 

You should now have a solid grasp of how to use Facebook Groups for blog growth and increasing blog traffic. So start joining and participating in Facebook Groups to explode your blog!

Be sure to download your FREE Facebook Groups for Bloggers Cheat Sheet to make the most of my top recommended Facebook Groups for blogging!

Got questions or blogging Facebook Groups you want to recommend? Go ahead and leave them in the comments below!

Leave a question or comment here!

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    • Briana Nickas

      Sure thing, Robyn! Hope you find the tips and other Facebook Groups for bloggers helpful.

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    Wow, I’m impressed with how detailed this post is. You hit all the points that new FB admins should know. Honestly, I wish I would have read this before I started mine. Haha! Starting a FB group is a really great way to connect with other bloggers and another way to diversify as you mentioned! If I were to guess, I don’t think new bloggers really understand the importance of diversification, but it should definitely be taught and spoke of more often. Thanks for writing this post, I enjoyed it!

    • Briana Nickas

      Thank you, Brittany! So happy to hear that you enjoyed the post! Running a Facebook Group for Bloggers can take a lot of work. Participating in them takes work too, but the pay-off is so worth it! I agree that new bloggers may not realize how important it is to diversify their blog traffic sources. Many bloggers rely heavily on Pinterest. I definitely focus on Pinterest and get most of my traffic from it. But what if Pinterest went away one day?

      Diversifying is key! I also feel like new bloggers may try to do it all at first and spread themselves too thin. It’s important to focus on just a few and do those well rather than doing everything poorly. Try different outlets, figure out which ones work best, and then focus on those. For me, my focus is Pinterest, Facebook Groups, and SEO. I also do Instagram but am not consistent. There’s just not enough time in the day to do it all. Haha! #amIright 😆

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    I totally agree that you need to prioritize participation, it’s so easy to get overwhelmed or behind on reciprocating. I had to cut back on the number I participated in as I wanted to be more thoughtful and engaged with just a handful to have a better experience and be a better community member.

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      Right?! They can be time-consuming. You made the right call, Kari – quality over quantity. 🙌😊

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    Wow this was definitely one of the most detailed blog posts I have ever read! You really covered EVERYTHING about Facebook groups for bloggers. I absolutely love how you mentioned for people to not just link drop. It does get frustrating when I see others do that when it’s supposed to be a community building opportunity. Can’t wait to check out some of these groups you mentioned! I have been on the hunt for more FB groups to join and this list was so helpful!

    • Briana Nickas

      Thanks so much, Celeste! I’m thrilled to hear that you found this post helpful and felt it covered everything about FB Groups for bloggers. Isn’t link dropping the worst?! I completely agree that these Groups are supposed to be a community for bloggers to support each other, not a one-way street. I hope you find the other Facebook Groups I mentioned to be worthwhile!

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      Hi Deanna! 👋 It’s so great to connect with another RVer! I agree 💯 that blogging and RVing are a perfect match. I love that we can blog from any and everywhere (as long as there’s WiFi… haha!). I hope to see you in the other Facebook Groups for bloggers I mentioned!

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    This is a such a comprehensive resource! It’s chalk-full of information and the blogging groups you recommended are all wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

    • Briana Nickas

      I tried to cover all the bases and really appreciate your comment, Miranda. Thanks for reading the post!

  9. Sarah

    This is a great post! I don’t know where I’d be if it wasn’t for blogging groups on FB as I first started and continue navigating this world of blogging. So resourceful and an amazing place to network. Great post!

    • Briana Nickas

      Thanks, Sarah! I’m right there with you. Facebook Groups have made such a difference in my blogging journey! I’m so grateful for them and the relationships they’ve allowed me to create with other bloggers.

  10. Beth Elkassih

    I gotta tell you! As a fellow blogger, I sooooo appreciated to read a blog article that really resonates with me on how I write my blogs as well. Like having a one-on-one conversation with the reader. This was great information as well about getting visibility, i.e., that ever-important traffic! Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Briana Nickas

      Wow! Thank you so much, Beth! You just made my day and gave me #allthefeels 🥰

  11. Kat @The Hobbit Hold

    As a newbie, FB groups have been a great resource during my blogging journey. The ones I found to be the most helpful are actually your top two recommended FB groups.

    When I was just starting out I was terrified at the thought of how am I going to get comments, not to mention backlinks. All collaboration opportunities came through these groups.

    Got your checklist, thanks for sharing it with us!

    • Briana Nickas

      That’s great, Kat! I’m so glad you’ve found FB Groups to be as rewarding and beneficial as I have. The top 2 I mentioned have been incredibly helpful for me too! I also had no idea how to get comments or backlinks until I joined Facebook Groups for bloggers. Such a lifesaver!

      BTW… Thanks for grabbing my free Facebook Groups for Bloggers Cheat Sheet! I hope it makes it easier to keep track of the blog share threads and participate in them.

  12. Adriane

    The share groups were my sole source of traffic initially. I still get quite a bit of traffic from Facebook. It is a great place to start.

    • Briana Nickas

      I couldn’t agree more, Adriane! Facebook Groups are an excellent source of blog traffic, especially when you’re first starting out and trying to build your Pinterest engagement (which they can help with too)! 😉

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