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    Bon Voyage, Happy Trails, Vaya con Dios our precious Briana, Justin, Meaty and Saucy!,,,,

    • nextdestinationunknown

      Thanks so much, Gramma & Grampa! Hope to see you soon! Love & miss you both most

  2. Michael D Davis

    You must have been reading my mind Briana! I have totally been considering starting our own adventure along the same lines. However, It sure will be nice to follow your adventures and, even if by social internet association only, be a part of yours! Please let me know when you will be traveling through Oregon. I live in Medford, right on Interstate 5 and would love to have an opportunity to meet and say “Hi” if you do stop here. All the best to you!

    • nextdestinationunknown

      Thanks for following, Michael, and for being a part of our journey! You should definitely have an adventure! Good thing you’re following us though first, so you can make sure we survive before you embark on your own adventure…haha 🙂 Hope to meet you in Medford, OR.

  3. Susan

    I thought I already did this but I have not received emails with new posts

    • nextdestinationunknown

      Sorry about that. When people sign up to follow, they’ll receive a confirmation email. They won’t actually be signed up for the blog though until they click “confirm” in the email. Glad you’re offically following now! 🙂 Hope you saw my response to your previous comment.


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