How My Clean Living Journey Saved Me After Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

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Updated on 12/06/2023

Are you struggling with a miscarriage or recurrent pregnancy loss? Or perhaps you’ve been trying to get pregnant and have been dealing with infertility.

On the other hand, you may be trying to conceive (TTC) or planning to and want to reduce your toxin burden to get healthier before you become pregnant (or just in general).

Whatever brought you to this post, welcome! You (and everyone for that matter) can benefit from a clean living journey regardless of your situation.

I’m going to share my personal story of how suffering from recurrent pregnancy loss led me on a clean living journey that drastically improved my health and wellbeing.

As cliche as it is to say, whatever doesn’t kill you truly makes you stronger. That couldn’t be more true for me as you’ll read below.

TRIGGER WARNING: This post contains material that might be difficult for some to read as it discusses my experiences with recurrent pregnancy loss.

How My Clean Living Journey Saved Me After Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Dealing With Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

This blog post has taken me several years to write…

How It All Started

Have you ever had something happen to you that made you question everything you’ve known your entire life?⁠⁣

⁠After having multiple miscarriages, my life has completely changed.⁠⁣

I don’t typically post about personal struggles. But I feel like I’m not alone in these experiences. 

This happens more often than people know but doesn’t seem to be talked about much. So I’m going to open up here and hope this is a safe space to do so.⁠

Despite how things appear on social media, ⁠amongst all the smiles and pretty photos, there is pain, there is grief. There were days when I didn’t want to face the world and couldn’t stop crying.⁠

To be honest, I wasn’t planning on having children. ⁠In fact, I was adamantly against it for as long as I can remember. ⁠I just never had the urge to have them and enjoyed my freedom too much.⁠

But then I turned 35 in 2020. My biological clock started ticking… HARD. I found myself looking at babies with longing instead of indifference. I figured it was now or never and started seriously considering having a baby.⁠

Combine my age with the COVID-19 pandemic, and all of a sudden, things were put into perspective for me. I desperately missed my family and finally wanted to make a family of our own with my husband.⁠

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My First Miscarriage

We started trying to conceive at the end of December 2020 or early January 2021 (I can’t remember exactly). 

Then on March 25th, 2021, we found out I was 4 weeks pregnant. The pregnancy test instantly turned ➕. We couldn’t believe it and took another pregnancy test the next day to make sure…. which was also an undeniable ➕.

Positive Pregnancy Tests from 1st Pregnancy Before Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and Clean Living Journey

There was no doubt, I was pregnant! After we got over the initial shock and panic, we were thrilled! I immediately started a baby registry and couldn’t wait to see our baby and hear their heartbeat at our first ultrasound on April 26th, 2021. 

I was supposed to be 8 weeks 1 day pregnant at that appointment. As we waited to hear the heartbeat for what felt like eternity, our excitement gradually turned to gut-wrenching fear and panic. There was no heartbeat, and our baby was only measuring 6 weeks 1 day. 

I had miscarried, but my body didn’t realize it. I was still having horrible morning sickness and other pregnancy symptoms. I still FELT pregnant.

This is called a “missed miscarriage.” I didn’t even know that was a thing. But since my body didn’t naturally pass the pregnancy, I was given medication to force my body to pass the pregnancy tissue. 

It was the most excruciatingly painful (physically and emotionally) and horrific thing I’ve ever been through. I wouldn’t wish that experience on anyone.

We went from excitement and joy to utter devastation. I can’t even describe the shock, the raw pain, and sense of loss we experienced⁠.

You know a miscarriage is a possibility but don’t think it will be a reality. I can’t even tell you how horrible it felt not being pregnant when I was supposed to be pregnant.

4 weeks 3 days Pregnant from 1st Pregnancy Before Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and Clean Living Journey
4 weeks 3 days Pregnant
8 weeks Pregnant from 1st Pregnancy Before Recurrent Pregnancy Loss and Clean Living Journey
8 weeks Pregnant (the day before I found out I had a missed miscarriage)

These photos bring up a lot of emotions and are still really hard for me to share. My story is still hard to write or talk about even a few years later (that’s how long it’s taken me to write this).

There have been so many triggers for me. But the more I share, the more I heal.

My Second Miscarriage

Were you aware that there is research that claims upwards of 30% of all pregnancies result in miscarriages with many happening before women even realize they’re pregnant?

I had no idea miscarriages are that common… until I had my first one.

And just because they’re more common than people realize, does not make them any less painful or devastating for the people who experience that loss.⁠⁣

But learning that most women go on to have a healthy pregnancy and baby after having a miscarriage gave me hope.

I figured the odds were in our favor to have a successful pregnancy the second time around.⁠⁣ So somehow, we found the strength to try again.

By July 2021, I was pregnant once more. But sadly, I was wrong about the odds being in our favor.⁠⁣ I had a 2nd missed miscarriage. And again, I took the medication to pass the pregnancy.

I won’t get into the horrific details of what I went through with the medication and passing my pregnancies. 

But the pain (both physical and emotional) was excruciating. To have to go through that devastation twice is unthinkable and unbearable.

And on top of all that, not being pregnant the entire time I was supposed to be pregnant was a whole other level of horrible.

Even though we felt more prepared for the shock and pain the second time around, we were still completely crushed.

Needless to say, 2021 was the worst year of our lives after suffering through 2 failed pregnancies.

But during my miscarriage journeys and subsequent grief journeys, I made some eye-opening discoveries that completely changed my life for the better.

Why I Had Multiple Miscarriages

It didn’t make sense. Sure, I was older. My pregnancies were considered “geriatric” in the medical community (I was 35 during my 1st pregnancy then turned 36 shortly before my 2nd pregnancy).

But I had no underlying medical conditions that should have caused pregnancy loss. The doctor ran numerous tests and could give no explanation for my miscarriages.⁠⁣

I tried to make sense of it, which got me thinking. One miscarriage is understandable. But TWO unexplained miscarriages? I realized my body was trying to tell me something.⁠⁣

So I took a long, hard look at myself.⁠⁣

I wondered if they happened for a reason. ⁠⁣

I wondered what was wrong with me.⁠⁣

I wondered what I could have done differently.⁠⁣

I wondered if it was out of my control.⁠⁣

I wondered how I could move forward.⁠⁣

Amongst my despair and all the unanswered questions I had, I remembered something that set me on a path of discovery and gave me the answers I was looking for.

Handling Grief and Loss

Before I get to what it was that helped me so much though, can I talk about grief and loss? I know it’s not something people like to talk about or know how to deal with.

But it’s okay to need help or a shoulder to cry on. And it’s okay to not know what to say to someone who is going through it. Just being there and talking (or crying) about it helps.⁣

While suffering from recurrent pregnancy loss, I found myself in a really dark place wondering if life was even worth living anymore. 

I felt so alone. Not because my husband wasn’t there for me. No, he was my greatest support. 

But he was dealing with his own grief as well. And I felt guilty about not being able to be there for him because I could barely show up for myself.

I also felt alone because I didn’t tell many people, just family and a few close friends who have also struggled with similar challenges since I knew they could relate.

So I didn’t feel like I had enough support. My family thought giving me space was the best thing when I really just wanted to hear from them and know they’re thinking of me.

People don’t know how to deal with other people dealing with grief and loss.⁣

After suffering from #recurrentpregnancyloss, I was in a dark place. But luckily, I discovered #cleanliving. Going #toxinfree saved me. Find out how here. Click To Tweet

But I couldn’t bring myself to reach out to my family or tell anyone else because every time I talked about it (especially the first time having to tell someone), I broke down crying. 

And once I started crying, it seemed like I would never stop. The tears just kept flowing, and I would fall deeper into my depression. It hasn’t been easy to talk about at first, and it’s still not easy to talk about.⁣

But that’s one of the reasons why I started posting about my experiences on Instagram. I forced myself to talk it out, to deal with it as part of the healing process. 

It became a way for me to share my experiences, acknowledge my feelings, and raise awareness without having to actually talk with someone 1-on-1 about it. ⁣

Opening up was so cathartic and instrumental in helping me move forward. Surprisingly, Instagram provided the support and sense of community I desperately needed.

If you’re dealing with grief, try not to keep your thoughts and emotions to yourself. Find a way to share your story and feelings if you’re able to. You may be amazed at the difference it makes.

Discovering the Clean Living Lifestyle

Okay… back to my path of discovery that gave me the answers I was looking for and ultimately gave me a new purpose.

Do you believe that things happen for a reason? When I had my first miscarriage, I told myself it must have been a fluke. After all, roughly 10-20% of known pregnancies end in miscarriage.

So we tried again, and I became pregnant again right away! All felt right in the world. Not being pregnant when you’re supposed to be pregnant is the worst feeling. So I was thrilled to be pregnant once more.⁠⁣

⁠⁣But then, I had another miscarriage. Once is understandable, but twice? My body was obviously trying to tell me something. Something was wrong, something needed to change.⁠⁣

⁠⁣In my despair trying to make sense of such devastating tragedies, I thought of @JennaKutcher who had also gone through 2 miscarriages. 

I remembered that she had mentioned she started paying attention to what she was putting in and on her body. 

She switched to all-natural skincare and then became pregnant again, that time having a successful pregnancy that led to a healthy baby!⁠⁣

Primally Pure Banner Ad

Perhaps that’s an oversimplification. There could be more to her story. But that was my takeaway.

⁠⁣At the time I first read about Jenna’s experience, I had no plans to have a baby. I had no idea why her story interested me in the first place or why it spoke to me and engrained itself in my memory. 

But I do now. It became completely relevant to me and led me down a path of self-discovery, empowerment, and improvement.⁠⁣

⁠⁣I thought Jenna was incredibly brave for sharing her deeply personal story, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am that she did. Her story took me from despair to hope and ultimately changed my life! 

And now I want to pay it forward by doing the same in hopes that my story will help someone else. ⁠⁣

⁠⁣So how exactly did Jenna’s story lift me from a deep depression and transform my life?

⁠Jenna suffered 2 miscarriages before focusing on what she was putting in and on her body which caused her to switch to all-natural skincare. ⁠

⁠After my 2nd miscarriage, her story got me thinking. Should I be switching to all-natural skincare? Could that really make a difference? 

These musings took me down a rabbit-hole of discovering life-changing information. ⁠

Primally Pure All-Natural & Non-Toxic Skincare for Non-Toxic Swaps for Clean Living

⁠I looked into the skincare Jenna switched to, and it sounded amazing! As I perused the site, I came across a fascinating blog post.

It was about a woman who suffered from infertility due to severe PCOS with thousands of cysts on her ovaries. After cleaning up her diet and environment, she reversed her PCOS and had a healthy baby!⁠

⁠Her journey led her to co-found a non-toxic household cleaning products company. Learning that opened my eyes to the need for natural, toxin-free household products in addition to all-natural skincare.⁠

⁠The blog post also mentioned a book all about taking an organic approach to having a healthy baby.⁠ This really intrigued me!⁠

⁠So I bought the book along with another related book that Amazon recommended. The other book was all about improving egg quality to prevent miscarriage as well as to help get pregnant naturally and improve IVF results.⁠

⁠All this information I “stumbled” upon (i.e. was meant to find), made me completely reevaluate my lifestyle. 

I began rethinking all the things I considered “normal,” realizing they’re actually toxic and most likely caused or at least contributed to my miscarriages.⁠ ⁠

⁠💡 Light bulb moment⁠ = life changed!⁠

I was living in the dark before, thinking ignorance was bliss. But now I know better. ⁠And I’ve come out of these tragic experiences a completely different person. 

As someone who’s always been obsessed with In-N-Out and donuts, who has always chosen convenience and the less expensive option over the smarter, healthier choice, I can now say I’m not that person anymore.⁠⁠

⁠I realized that living a non-organic, non-natural, and fragrance/chemical/toxin-filled (i.e. convenient) lifestyle was most likely the cause of my unexplained multiple miscarriages. In fact, I firmly believe that was the cause. ⁠

⁠And I believe I was meant to ⁠follow @JennaKutcher to learn about her⁠ struggles with miscarriage and how she started using all-natural skincare products to then have a healthy baby. ⁠

⁠That also led me to discover the horrible effects of ⁠pesticides, synthetic fragrances, BPA, PVOCs, phthalates, GMO foods, toxic chemicals, heavy metals, the list goes on.⁠

⁠In light of all this terrifying information I was finally open to learning about, I decided to start clean living by cutting out toxic products to reduce my toxin build up.⁠⁠

⁠I realized that living a non-organic, non-natural, and fragrance/chemical/toxin-filled (i.e. convenient) lifestyle was most likely the cause of my unexplained #miscarriages and #recurrentpregnancyloss. Click To Tweet

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Starting My Clean Living Journey

Have you ever had something happen to you that completely changed the course of your life?⁠

⁠⁣2021 did that for me. ⁠⁣

⁠⁣Ever heard of a missed miscarriage before? I hadn’t… until I had 2 unexplained, missed miscarriages that year. My life was completely turned upside down and inside out.⁠⁣

“Things happen for a̶ ̶r̶e̶a̶s̶o̶n̶ an OPPORTUNITY.⁠⁣”

⁠⁣I heard that quote as I was struggling with the aftermath of my second miscarriage, and it really resonated.⁠⁣ 

2021 was a horrible year for me, but I chose to make that quote my new motto.⁠⁣

⁠⁣Looking at my miscarriages as an opportunity for me to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle gave me purpose and a new focus to redirect my ⁠grief.⁠⁣

⁠⁣I can’t make sense of them to say they happened for a reason. But I wasn’t going to let them be in vain. 

So I allowed my recurrent pregnancy loss to be an opportunity for me to improve⁠ my health and wellbeing by making positive changes in my life.

⁠⁣Those devastating experiences led me down a rabbit hole of research. And I came to the conclusion that the everyday toxins in my life were most likely the cause of my pregnancy losses.⁠⁣

⁠⁣Other than trying to eat “healthy-ish,” I had never given much thought to what I was putting in, on, and around my body. I didn’t pay close attention to labels or ingredients.⁠⁣

⁠⁣But after discovering all the horrible effects of toxins like pesticides, high fructose corn syrup, artificial coloring, synthetic fragrances, BPA, phthalates, parabens, PFAS, and more, I realized that I needed to start a clean living journey.⁠⁣

You don’t realize how many toxic products you have in your house and use on a daily basis until you really start to pay attention and take inventory.⁠

⁠It’s overwhelming.⁠

Toxic Products Tossed for Clean Living After Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
all the toxic products I tossed for clean living after recurrent pregnancy loss

So as I used things up, I purchased non-toxic replacements for household and personal care products.⁠

And I invested in my health and wellbeing with a few big purchases that were so worth it! #healthiswealth⁠

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Then on January 1st of 2022, it was time to purge the rest. I cut ties with the remaining toxic products in my home and tossed them! It was incredibly liberating!

These are all the toxic products I got rid of! It’s crazy alarming how many there are when you start to look through your house!⁠ 😳 So happy to be done with all of these!⁠

I also really started paying attention to what I eat, what I use to prepare my food, and what I use to clean up afterwards.⁠ My clean living journey grew into a clean eating lifestyle as well!

I gradually went organic with food, reduced my consumption of inflammatory foods, and eliminated refined sugar.

Converting ⁠to an organic, natural, toxin-free lifestyle wasn’t easy (or, let’s be honest, cheap), but it’s definitely been worth it!

My Experience During My Clean Living Journey

Change isn’t easy. In fact, it’s incredibly hard. And it’s even harder when you completely revamp the lifestyle you’ve been living for the past 30+ years.

Since having 2 miscarriages in 2021, my husband and I have made some major lifestyle changes. ⁣

We gradually converted to natural, organic, toxin-free foods and products. And I’m not going to lie… it was challenging.⁠⁣ 

It was tough to say goodbye to everyday things we enjoyed, like artificial fragrance.⁠⁣ And convincing my husband to give up the products he’s used and loved for years was no easy feat.

But luckily, he was very supportive (even though it was begrudgingly at times… haha!). 

It helped to slowly and gradually introduce new items as we used things up initially before I did my overhaul on New Year’s Day 2022.

Keeping the following quote from C.S. Lewis in mind was also helpful for staying strong and on target: 

“There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”

Another thing that I had to get in the practice of doing was reading ingredient labels and getting familiar with the ingredients listed. 

I’m not going to lie, reading ingredient labels can be quite time-consuming, especially in the beginning while trying to find non-toxic swaps for everything.

But eventually I started recognizing ingredients. Now I can scan ingredient labels pretty quickly and may only need to look up a few ingredients now and then.

Starting a clean living journey is definitely one of those things that gets worse before it gets better. 

The 21/90 habit rule says it takes 21 days to make or break a habit and 90 days to make the change permanent. So consistency is key.

And to be honest, even after practicing clean living for nearly 2 years now, the struggle is still real at times. It still takes a real effort. And sure, there are things I miss from my past life.

⁠⁣But the following line in the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost is a good reminder that my efforts are worth it:⁠⁣

⁠⁣“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”⁠⁣

⁠⁣That last part about how taking the road less traveled has made all the difference… that really speaks to me. ⁠⁣

⁠⁣It’s a powerful reminder that going against the grain, going against everything I’ve known my entire life and choosing the path of resistance instead, is making a real difference.⁠

My significantly improved physical, mental, and emotional health from my clean living journey are all testaments to that!

The quote “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference”⁣ is a powerful reminder that going against the grain, going against everything we've known our entire lives and… Click To Tweet

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My Mental & Emotional Health

As I mentioned before, I was in a really dark place after suffering from recurrent pregnancy loss. I was questioning everything, even my very existence. I was lost and didn’t know how to move forward.

But discovering clean living, doing all the research to learn everything I could about it, tracking down non-toxic alternatives for everything, and practicing a clean living lifestyle all gave me something else to focus on besides my losses.

Clean living gave me purpose. It gave me a reason to live and look forward to the future. Clean living changed my life.

Once I realized I could use the tragedies I experienced to better my health and wellbeing, my mood and outlook on life did a 180.

I’ve become incredibly passionate about toxin-free living. And being able to share my new-found passion and purpose in life has been extremely fulfilling. Clean living for the win!

My Gut Health

I’ve had painful digestive issues my entire life and was finally diagnosed with IBS and GERD nearly 10 years ago. 

Since starting my clean living journey nearly 2 years ago, I’ve only had 2 flare-ups:

  1. From some herbal remedies a naturopathic practitioner gave me (big mistake!)
  2. From eating quinoa, which apparently my body is NOT a fan of (note to self: no more quinoa!)

Both times I was able to heal myself through clean eating alone. Other than those few rare instances, my IBS and GERD have both been practically non-existent the past few years.

Merryfield App Banner Ad

And that’s been without the use of medication other than the occasional natural antacid if I eat something spicy. I also take a daily probiotic and collagen peptides for gut health. Those have been total game-changers!

Real talk: I used to get the runs on the daily. Now I have the best bowel movements with the elusive clean wipe! (It really does exist, I swear!)

Sorry if that’s TMI. But for someone who’s struggled with IBS forever, it’s a friggin’ miracle! I want the world to know that clean living has completely changed my life for the better!

My Immune Health

In addition to my IBS and GERD, I also used to get sick all the time. It seemed like if someone within a mile of me sneezed, I’d be sick the next day. My immune system was non-existent.

But since starting my clean living journey, I hadn’t been sick in over 3 years (since before COVID started in 2020) with any kind of illness!

The first time I got sick was this past summer in July 2023. 

And the only reason I got sick was because we were traveling and got stuck in an airport for 15 hours while our flight kept getting delayed. 

Unfortunately, there was no way around it. Being trapped in an airport with hundreds of people for hours on end pretty much guarantees you’re going to get sick.

If it hadn’t been for that experience, I may still not have gotten sick. But to only get sick 1 time in over 3 years is incredible!

It just goes to show how much of a rockstar my immune system has become from all this clean living!

My Weight Loss

Beyond healing my mental and emotional states, my digestive issues with IBS and GERD, and my immune system, my clean living journey has also given me other physical benefits.

I’ve lost weight, gotten healthier, have more energy, and all-around feel so much better!

After just 3 months of clean living, I was significantly less bloated and could already see a difference in my body with noticeable weight loss.

Then a few months later after practicing clean living for 6 months, all my pants were loose! I started toning up and seeing muscles I thought were long gone. 

Then by my 1 year anniversary of clean living, I looked and felt like a completely different person! I LOVED my new body and still do!

My Clean Living Journey Weight Loss Timeline After Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Now nearly 2 years into my clean living journey, I’ve maintained my weight loss and continue feeling better and stronger!

The surprising thing is that when I started my clean living journey, I wasn’t trying to lose weight. That wasn’t my goal or at all what I expected to happen. 

It just ended up being a serendipitous outcome.

So how did clean living transform my body and overall health? 

Did I do fad diets? NOPE. 

Did I do intense exercising? NOPE, didn’t do that either.

I simply changed my lifestyle.

You can #loseweight naturally with #cleanliving – no fad diets or intense exercising required! Learn more here! Click To Tweet

By eliminating toxic products from my life and focusing on clean eating with whole, nourishing, unprocessed foods, I balanced my hormones and restored my gut health.

Those changes resulted in weight loss which just goes to show how everything’s connected. With clean living, there are so many positive benefits, ones you didn’t even know would be a thing and will be pleasantly surprised by!

Should You Start Your Own Clean Living Journey?

YES!!! As I mentioned before, EVERYONE can benefit from reducing their toxin burden with clean living.

Every little bit helps. And the more you know, the better choices you can make. You can improve your quality of life and even extend your lifetime.

“What you don’t know won’t hurt you” is a friggin’ lie. Ignorance may be bliss… until it catches up to you and wreaks havoc on your health, well-being, and your life in general. ⁠

⁠I used to think: “Everything causes cancer. So why bother?” 

But after having 2 unexplained miscarriages, I truly believe my lifestyle choices were the underlying cause. And it was my body’s way of telling me “You’re doing it wrong.” ⁠

⁠My body gave me another chance to make positive changes and have the best chance of getting it right the next time around (should we decide to try again). What a wake up call!⁠ 😳

⁠Maybe this information can do the same for you.

Don’t choose blind ignorance over knowledge like I used to. Knowledge is power. So empower yourself by diving into the dangers of toxins and the benefits of clean living.⁠

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How To Start Your Clean Living Journey

Start with one thing at a time. As you use something up, replace it with a non-toxic version. My free Clean Living Swaps Checklist is a great resource for doing that!

Read labels before you buy so you can make informed decisions about what you’re putting in, on, and around your body. 

Yes, it takes time to read labels. But think of how much time it could save you from having to be hospitalized, go through chemotherapy, or be stuck in bed.

Yes, going organic and all-natural is more expensive. I understand that the cost can be limiting. ⁠

⁠But think of it as an investment in yourself. Your health is an investment, not an expense. Thinking this way may require a conscious mindset shift. Ask yourself this:⁠

⁠Would you rather pay a little more upfront for quality ingredients? Or pay thousands of dollars (and lost time) down the road when you develop cancer or other health issues? ⁠

⁠Choose quality over quantity. By investing in your quality of life now, you invest in your health and well-being for years to come. 

Be an advocate for yourself by boycotting the toxic chemicals and ingredients that have been forced on us for decades.

Okay… I’m done preaching. 😜 Thanks for hearing me out. I hope this information helps you as much as it’s helped me!

How To Start Your #CleanLiving Journey: Start with one thing at a time. As you use something up, replace it with a #nontoxic version. Click To Tweet

Wrapping Up My Clean Living Journey

If you’ve struggled with loss, grief, a miscarriage (maybe several like me), or infertility yourself, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.⁠⁣

⁠⁣And if you haven’t dealt with infertility or miscarriages personally, chances are that you know someone who has or who is currently going through it (maybe silently).

⁠⁣Before I had my miscarriages, I had no idea how many women suffer with them. But as I started talking to my friends, I learned that several have had miscarriages and others have dealt with infertility issues.⁠⁣

⁠⁣Finding out that I wasn’t the only one going through such difficult times was comforting. And it’s been so helpful to be able to talk to other women who know what I’m going through.⁠⁣

⁠⁣But unfortunately, society doesn’t talk about these issues enough. They are way more common than you think. And no one should have to suffer through them alone.⁠⁣

⁠⁣So let’s get through this together! Let’s create a supportive community. This is a safe space. 

As hard as it is, I’ve been sharing my story and will continue to do so in the hopes of helping you and others just like Jenna Kutcher’s story helped me. 

Please feel free to share your story in the comments below as well. I’m here for you, and I’m sending you a huge hug! 🤗

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Saved By My Clean Living Journey After Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
My Clean Living Journey - How Toxin-Free Living Saved Me After Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
My Clean Living Journey Saved Me After Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
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