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Days 20-21: Utah (Part 3)

Day 20 (6/20/14): Heber City, UT | Midway, UT

This was a laid-back day. We gave the truck a much-needed wash to clean off the caked-on insects. Then we grilled up some hotdogs for lunch. I took a lovely little nap in the afternoon and later worked on the blog to try to get caught up.

For dinner, we drove through Heber City into Midway, a small Swiss town nestled against the mountains. We ate at Café Galleria, a quaint little restaurant on Main Street located in what reminded me of an old farmhouse. The weather was perfect as we sat outside and enjoyed live music while we ate our meals. From there, we drove back into Heber City and stopped at Granny’s Drive-In for a milkshake dessert.  It was a nice end to a nice, relaxing day.  🙂


Day 21 (6/21/14): Park City, UT

Back in January 2007, after we had been dating for a few months, Justin took me to Park City for a ski trip. It was my first time in Park City as well as my first time skiing. Since the last time I was in Park City was over 7 years ago and in the winter nonetheless, my memories of the area were fuzzy and covered in snow. It seemed completely different in the snow-less summer though. It was green and sunny instead of white and dismal.  The weather and surrounding mountains were beautiful!

They had the street closed to traffic as they were setting up for an event that evening, which made it more enjoyable to walk up and down Main Street, crossing from one side to the next as we saw interesting shops and potential restaurants for lunch. Park City’s Main Street has been my favorite Main Street so far with its eclectic storefronts and mountain backdrop.