15 Ways to Save Money on Non-Toxic Items for Healthy Clean Living

by | January 2023 | 14 comments

Why is it that living a healthy lifestyle seems to be so much more expensive than an unhealthy one? What if I told you it doesn’t have to be?

There are ways to save money on non-toxic items! As someone who has always been super cheap frugal, I’m constantly on the hunt for the best deals.

Discount codes, rewards, referral programs, and cash back are my jam! Yours too? If you’re all about keeping more of your hard-earned cash and want a toxin-free home to improve yours and your family’s wellbeing, you’ve hit the jackpot!

Because I’m sharing easy ways you can save money on non-toxic items or even earn money on your purchases for toxin-free clean living. You’re welcome!

15 Ways to Save Money on Non-Toxic Items for Toxin-Free Living

How To to Save Money on Non-Toxic Items

For me, clean living is a wholesome lifestyle focused on improving one’s wellbeing by eliminating or reducing toxins that are harmful to our health.

After discovering all the toxins I was exposed to on a daily basis, I was determined to replace all the toxic items in my life.

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But when I was searching for non-toxic swaps, the cha-ching sound of a cash register kept ringing in my head as the potential costs started adding up.

Luckily, my deal hunting obsession kicked into high gear for money-saving hacks. Beyond just shopping sales, I also found quite a few more ways to save money on non-toxic items.

And now I’m going to pass them on to you so you can not only start but also sustain your clean living journey too!

Get Cash Back with Rakuten!

1. Rakuten

This is my FAVORITE way to save money on pretty much everything! Rakuten is a cash back site with over 3,500 stores you can earn money from for your online purchases. There’s no cost and no catch! 

Just start at Rakuten.com to search for stores, brands, or products before purchasing anything online. Or you can get the Chrome extension to automatically be notified of available cash back for sites you’re visiting.

In the years I’ve been using Rakuten, I’ve earned over $1,200! They keep track of my purchases and send me a check every quarter I’ve earned cash back. It’s as easy as that.

And not only do you earn cash back, Rakuten also has coupons for even more ways to save money on non-toxic items. Start saving and getting cash back on your purchases!

Get a $30 bonus when you join Rakuten for free with my link and make a purchase totaling at least $30 within 90 days of signing up.

You can then start referring Rakuten to your friends and family to make even more money with a $30 bonus for each person you refer! Keep that Rakuten money train rolling!

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2. Amazon Prime

If you’re not already an Amazon Prime member, you’re missing out! With Amazon Prime, there are several ways you can save money on non-toxic items.

You not only get free shipping on Amazon purchases. You also get an extra 10% off sale prices at Whole Foods. That can be a significant savings if you buy groceries at Whole Foods (especially if you stock up on sale items).

Get a free 30-day Amazon Prime trial here!

Then consider getting the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Credit Card to earn 5% cash back on both your Amazon and Whole Foods purchases plus 2% on gas and restaurants. You’ll also get an Amazon gift card for signing up! And on top of all that, you can earn $50 for each person you refer up to $500 per year.

Merryfield App

3. Merryfield App

Earn rewards with the free Merryfield app for purchasing better-for-you brands. Then redeem your points for gift cards to places like Amazon, Whole Foods, Target, and more.

You’ll get at least 5% back every time your grocery receipt includes any of the brands participating in Everyday Rewards. And you’ll earn even more points with Special Offers!

I’m hooked on racking up points and earning gift cards with Merryfield to save money on non-toxic items. Start earning rewards too!

Use my code 45HCB6 to get 2,000 bonus points when you download Merryfield.

Then when you start referring people to Merryfield, you’ll both get 2,000 bonus points ($2) too. It might not seem like much, but it adds up!

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$20 Sam's Club Gift Card

4. Sam’s Club

Believe it or not, Sam’s Club has great deals on organic items like frozen blueberries and strawberries, grass-fed ground beef, chicken bone broth, honey, maple syrup, coconut oil, Orgain protein powder, Vital Proteins collagen peptides, and more. 

Get a $20 eGift Card when you join Sam’s Club online as a new member with my link. You can also get cash back with Rakuten on your membership and purchases to save even more money on non-toxic items!

And if you refer new members to Sam’s Club, you’ll get a $10 eGift Card and they’ll get a $20 eGift Card!

Primally Pure All Natural Non-Toxic Skincare

5. Primally Pure

Most skincare products have tons of toxic ingredients in them like artificial fragrances, colors, and preservatives. But not Primally Pure! Their all-natural products are made with certified organic ingredients, nothing artificial.

When you’re ready to swap out your current skincare products for non-toxic ones, use my link and code NDU10 to get 10% off your first purchase!

I’m obsessed with Primally Pure and use just about everything, including the Cleansing Oil, Soothing Cream, Gua Sha Stones, Dry Brushes, Deodorant, and more. You’ll love their non-toxic products too and can earn money towards your future purchases in several ways.

Primally Pure has an awesome rewards program as well as a referral program! You can give your friends $10 off their first order of $50 or more and get $10 (as a coupon code) for yourself for each successful referral you make. Score!

Credo Beauty Discount

6. Credo Beauty

Beauty and personal care products can be a major source of toxins. While the European Union (EU) has banned over 1,300 chemicals, the FDA here in the USA has only banned or restricted 11 ingredients.

On the bright side, there are some companies that claim clean products like Credo Beauty who has banned over 2,700 ingredients on their Dirty List®.

Get $10 off your first online Credo Beauty purchase if you use my link plus cash back with Rakuten! Then with their referral program, you can earn $10 for anyone you refer.

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Branch Basics Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

7. Branch Basics

Simplify your life by replacing dozens of toxic cleaning products with the non-toxic, fragrance-free, natural plant and mineral-based Branch Basics Starter Kit.

You’ll get everything you need to tackle any cleaning job around the house! The Kit includes the Concentrate, Oxygen Boost (pure magic!), and cleaning bottles. 

Just follow the fill lines on the bottles for adding water and the Concentrate. Then you’re ready to start cleaning!

My favorite bottle is the Foaming Wash. I use it for everything from washing dishes, to dog shampoo, to cleaning dental retainers and more. Don’t forget the Wool Dryer Balls too!

When you’re ready to #tossthetoxins, get $10 off Branch Basics with my link! You’ll love Branch Basics and want to tell everyone about them, which works out great. Because when you refer a friend, you can both earn $10 off your orders to save money on non-toxic items with Branch Basics!

Medify Air Purifier

8. Medify Air

Did you know the air in your home could be 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outside and even worse if you use cleaners with toxic chemicals like volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Since we spend the majority of our time indoors, consider using an air purifier with a true HEPA filter to remove air contaminants like VOCs, reduce indoor air pollution, and improve your home’s air quality.

Get $15 off any air purifier purchase with my link and discount code NDU15. Or get $30 off your first order of $200+ here

Plus, get cash back with Rakuten! You can also join their rewards program to earn points for a discount at checkout or refer friends for $30 in points.

Berkey Water Filters

9. Berkey Clean Water

Did you know that most drinking water contains heavy metals like lead, chemicals such as chlorine and the “forever chemicals” known as PFAS, added fluoride, and more toxic substances?

If you haven’t checked the quality of your tap water yet, you’ll probably be shocked to discover the water toxins you’ve been consuming like I was. 

For example, I found out my water has 13x EWG’s healthy guideline for Chromium-6, also known as hexavalant chromium. Ring a bell? That’s the same hexavalent chromium in the movie “Erin Brockovich”! 😱

Luckily, the Berkey Water Filter I have removes more than 99.8% of Chromium-6. It also filters out 99.9999% pathogenic bacteria, viruses, heavy metals like lead and mercury, chlorine, and other contaminants. If you have fluoride and/or arsenic in your water, you can add the PF2 Filters to filter those out as well.

Go ahead and take a look at the EWG Tap Water Database to see what toxins are living in your drinking water. Then purify your water using a Berkey Water Filter System, and get 5% off when you use my link with code NDU5!

Our Place Home Cook Duo - Always Pan + Perfect Pot

10. Our Place Perfect Pot + Always Pan

This non-toxic, non-stick ceramic-coated aluminum cookware is made without potentially toxic materials like PFOAs, PTFEs, other PFAs, lead, cadmium, toxic metals, or nanoparticles.

And with just the 2 pieces in the Home Cook Duo pot and pan set, you can simplify your kitchen by replacing an entire 16-piece cookware set! Who doesn’t want less to clean and store?

Use my link to get $20 off your first Our Place purchase of $100+! You can also earn 200 points ($20) in your account for each person you refer with their referral program.

Daily Harvest Discount

11. Daily Harvest

Don’t have time to make healthy, nutritious food for yourself? Daily Harvest makes it easy with quick, nourishing food delivered right to your door!

Plus, they use mostly organic ingredients with no gluten, dairy, fillers, refined sugars, GMOs, or artificial ANYTHING. It’s also easy to skip, pause, or cancel anytime.

Get $25 off your first order with my link and discount code RE-BRM4VMA. You can also get cash back with Rakuten as well as $25 when you refer someone!

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12. Subscribe & Save

Many companies are now offering “subscribe and save” options with discounts on auto shipped items people use and reorder regularly.

If there are certain things you’re constantly reordering and don’t want to run out of, why not save time and money with a subscription on auto pilot?

When you sign up for “subscribe and save” services, you can save money on non-toxic items with discounts from companies like:


Amazon offers certain Subscribe & Save items. Most are 5% off, but some can be 10% off. Or you can save 15% if you receive 5 or more products in one auto-delivery!

And many of them offer extra savings for your first Subscribe & Save order. You’ll also get free shipping on auto-deliveries. 

You can select the quantity of the items, choose the shipping schedule that works for you, and skip or cancel anytime.

Here are a few non-toxic items on Amazon that you can subscribe and save with:

Branch Basics

A Branch Basics Subscription will save you 10% on your soon-to-be favorite non-toxic cleaning product refills!

Receive text notifications before your orders are shipped to adjust your order if needed. You can change, skip, or cancel anytime.

Plus, another bonus is that subscribers receive early access to the biggest sales of the year! And Branch Basics offers a money back guarantee to make sure you’re satisfied.

Here are the Branch Basics products you can subscribe to for a 10% discount:

Primally Pure

With Primally Pure’s Subscribe + Save program, you’ll get free shipping on each and every order. 

That way, you don’t have to hit a certain dollar amount with your order to avoid having to pay shipping costs.

You can select the frequency you want to receive your fave PP products on repeat and swap products, pause, or cancel your subscription anytime.

These are the products I go through the most often that are available for a Primally Pure Subscription:

As far as other subscription products, I also use the Plumping Bar and Soothing Cream. But they’ve lasted forever! I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth with those items.

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13. EWG Clean 15

If you can’t afford to buy all organic food or want to cut down your grocery bill, the Clean 15 are the non-organic produce that are least contaminated with harmful pesticides. 

Nearly 70% of the samples from the Clean 15 fruits and vegetables had no detectable pesticide residues according to the EWG

So if you want to save some money on groceries by purchasing non-organic produce, those are the ones you’d want to get. 

And since avocados are the number one “clean” item on the list, that goes for avocado oil too. Sam’s Club has a great deal on non-organic, cold-pressed avocado oil!

Don’t forget about the Dirty Dozen list though. Those fruits and veggies should definitely be organic and are really worth spending the extra money on.

14. Herbs & Spices

Since starting my clean living journey, I’ve started cooking all our meals. That way, I can eat organic while having less processed foods and eliminating harmful artificial ingredients.

I used to eat out all the time. In fact, it was one of the things I enjoyed most in life, especially with all the cravings I used to have.

But now, I don’t even miss eating out. I prefer my healthy, home cooked meals and have actually lost quite a bit of weight from eating better. 

One of the ingredients I love cooking with is fresh, organic herbs. But they cost a few dollars a pack, and I never seem to use them all.

So rather than buying fresh, organic herbs for each recipe, I substitute them with dry organic herbs and spices using a ratio of 1 teaspoon dry for each tablespoon fresh herbs since they’re much more concentrated. 

Plus, you can always have dry herbs and spices on hand for convenience. This is an easy way to save a few bucks here and there!

15. Discounts Page

Last but not least, be sure to check my Discounts page for even more savings and discount codes on some of my other favorite wellbeing items!

Wrapping Up Ways to Save Money on Non-Toxic Items

Were you feeling discouraged by all the money you were going to have to spend on non-toxic products but now have hope that a clean living lifestyle is doable?

Mission accomplished! That was my goal with this post. 

While non-toxic products can be more expensive than their toxin-filled counterparts, I hope I’ve shown you that there are still ways to save money on non-toxic items for a healthier lifestyle.

Also, keep in mind that some is better than none. If you can’t afford to do #allthethings, that’s okay! Replace things as you use them, and prioritize the other big ticket items. 

One thing at a time! Be sure to grab your free Clean Living Swaps Checklist to keep track of things as you replace them with toxin-free alternatives.

Have you found other ways to save money on non-toxic items? Do tell! Please share any money-saving tips (or questions) you have in the comments.

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15 Ways to Save Money on Non-Toxic Items for a Toxin-Free Home
15 Ways to Save Money With Discounts on Non-Toxic Items for Toxin-Free Living
15 Ways to Save Money on Non-Toxic Items With Discounts for Clean Living
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