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Do you love hitting the trails for outdoor adventures and exploring nature?

Whether you like to venture off the beaten path or stick to the popular trails, hiking is your jam.

So grab your free Hiking Log below to keep track of the trail details for all the hikes you do!

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Free Hiking Log

This handy Hiking Log covers all the trail details you’ll want to document for your hikes like date, location, distance hiked, and more.

Maybe you’re doing the 52 Hike Challenge and need to keep track of how many hikes you’ve done along with how many you still need to do.

Now you can keep track of your hikes with your very own Hiking Log!

Are you passionate about hiking? If you’re a hiker and love to get out on the trails, this Hiking Log is a must! Now you can log your miles with all the other specifics of your hikes.

The fillable PDF allows you to type or write in all of your hike details. And you can add or print as many pages as you like to log an unlimited amount of hikes!

What are you waiting for? Download the free Hiking Log for your next hikes and hit the trails!

Free Hiking Log Printable Download for Hikers

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