GIFT GUIDE: The Best Gifts for RV Owners That They’ll Actually Use

by | October 2020 | 12 comments

Updated on 12/14/2023

Are you looking for the best gifts for RV owners? If you have RVers in your life and are wondering what would make a great gift for them, you’re in the right place! 

I don’t know about you, but the struggle is real for me when it comes to gift giving. I never know what I should get people.

And trying to find the best gifts that people will actually use and enjoy can be quite the challenge.

If you can relate, you’re in luck! I’ve put together the ultimate gift guide for RVers with a list of the best gifts for RV owners.

As an RVer myself, I either already have these items or would love to get them as a gift (hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge to anyone trying to find a gift for me).

So are you ready to be dazzled by all the wonderful gift options for anyone who loves RVing? Or perhaps you’re an RVer yourself and want to treat yourself to some handy RV gear.

Whether you’re trying to find the perfect gift for an RVer in your life or you want to get yourself something, you’re in luck! Grab your credit card, and start shopping!

The Best Gifts for RV Owners and Gifts for RVers
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Are you looking for the best gifts for RV owners? I’ve put together the ultimate gift guide for RVers with a list of the best #giftsforRVowners. Check out all the RV gift options here, and start shopping! #giftsforrvers Click To Tweet

The Best Gifts for RV Owners

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Clothing RVing Gifts for RV Owners

There are so many clothing options for RVing and camping on Amazon. You really can’t go wrong with a shirt or hat for an RVer. I mean, who doesn’t love a fun shirt? Am I right? 😉

Women’s Shirts

Men’s Shirts

Baby Onesies


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Decor RVing Gifts for RV Owners

RVers like turning their RVs into a home-on-wheels by adding their own touches to make it their own. And if they’re not full-time RVers, they might also like to have some items that remind them of RVing when they’re home. Help them out with some RV decors items like pillows, rugs, and more!





Dish Towels

Garden Flags

These cute garden flags will dress up an RV campground site or yard. Psst… don’t forget to also get a garden flag holder stand to hold the flag.

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Kitchen RVing Gifts for RV Owners

Travel-Size Keurig Coffee Maker

I’ve gotta have coffee in the morning, and I’m sure it’s probably the same for most RVers. When it comes to making coffee, I’m a sucker for Keurigs because I’m all about convenience. They’re just so easy!

And this Keurig K-Mini Plus Coffee Maker is the perfect size for small RV kitchens that don’t have much counter space. Its compact size makes it easy to store as well, and I love how lightweight it is. I also love its built-in cord storage. Whoever you’re buying this for is sure to love it as much as I do!

Instant Pot

I don’t know how I got by in life before I had an Instant Pot. Now that I have an Instant Pot, I can’t live without it! I’ve seen so many RVers posting about using their Instant Pot in their RV.

And it makes perfect sense. The Instant Pot has so many different functions and things RVers can make with it. Plus, I love cooking everything in just one pot for easy cleanup. The same goes for a slow cooker.

But an Instant Pot can function as a slow cooker or pressure cooker. And when RVers use it as a pressure cooker, they don’t have to plan meals so far in advance. That really comes in handy after getting up at the crack followed by a long day of hiking.

RVers can have dinner ready to go much sooner because things cook so much faster. I use this 6-quart Instant Pot but I’m thinking of getting a mini 3-quart Instant Pot specifically just for my RV. Any RVer would love to have an Instant Pot for their RV kitchen!

Electric Foldaway Skillet

When RVs are hooked up to power, an electric saute pan really comes in handy for cooking. By using electricity instead of propane, RVers don’t have to worry as much about running out of your propane.

And they don’t have to get their LP tanks refilled as much. Propane costs can add up! So an electric skillet will save them money. I’m all about spending less.

So if RVers can use electricity instead of propane, I say go for it. And this Presto Electric Foldaway Skillet actually folds for easy storage! Score! Once an RVer gets an electric skillet, they’ll wonder how they lived without it.

Coffee Mugs

Wine Tumblers

Other RV Kitchen Must-Haves

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Comfort RVing Gifts for RV Owners

Adjustable RV Shower Head

The standard plastic RV shower heads are extremely basic and tacky with terrible water pressure. Upgrading the RV shower head is a simple way to improve the RVing experience.

This is a popular RV shower head with RVers. It features several different spray settings and claims to use less water while improving the water pressure. Win-win! Plus, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to install!

When RV owners receive this adjustable shower head as a gift, they’ll wonder how they ever RVed without it. And you’ll be their hero!

Mattress Topper

The mattresses that come with RVs are usually very basic (i.e. thin and hard). They remind me of the mattresses in old-school pull-out couches. So to give RV owners a comfortable night’s sleep in their RV, a mattress topper is a must!

If you give an RV owner a mattress topper, it’ll seriously be one of their favorite RV gifts! You can get this 3 inch non-toxic organic natural latex mattress topper and cut it down to size if needed for a short RV queen or king mattress.

Throw Blankets

Seat Enhancements for Driving

CBD for Aches & Pains

Travel days and long drives can be rough for RVers. As someone with chronic back pain and problems, I’m a huge fan of CBD. It’s one of the only things that has actually given me immense relief (and fast-acting relief at that).

I swear by CBD and make sure I bring my CBD roll-on gel on all our RV trips. It’s handy to have in the car and easy to apply when we’re driving. Give the RVers in your life the gift of pain relief with CBD!

Be sure to use discount code NDU20 at check-out for 20% off!

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Outdoor RVing Gifts for RV Owners

RVing and the outdoors go hand-in-hand together. So why not get some handy outdoor gear for the RV owners in your life?

Outdoor Relaxation


Lights for Outdoors

Other Outdoor Gear

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Travel RVing Gifts for RV Owners

Portable Tire Inflator

We saw a fellow RVer using this portable tire inflator and wondered how we’ve gotten by without one. This is such a handy tool to have!

RV owners can use it to check their RV tires as well as their tow vehicle tires and pump them up with air if needed. Plus, the digital gauge makes it super easy to keep track of how much air is in each tire.

This portable tire pressure inflator typically comes by itself, and the battery and charger would need to be purchased separately. But this Ryobi Cordless High Pressure Inflator with Digital Gauge kit comes with it all, including everything an RVer needs!

It even comes with a carrying case to keep all the parts together making it super convenient to bring on the road! So glad I found this handy tool! I absolutely love it, and I know other RV owners will love it too!

RV Back-Up Camera

Sometimes RV owners have to back into tight sites or need a better view of the surrounding area behind or around their RV. That’s why this RV Digital Wireless Back-Up Camera is a perfect gift for RV owners to make RV travel and backing up with an RV safer and easier!


Sometimes RV owners can be driving or staying in remote places with spotty or no cell service. So they shouldn’t rely on their cell phone for directions because many areas won’t have reception.

If their car isn’t equipped with a GPS, a basic standalone Garmin GPS Navigator will make a great gift for RVers to help them navigate and give them peace of mind.

There are also RV-specific GPS options like this Garmin RV 780 GPS Navigator with Traffic that take into account the RV’s size and weight for custom routing to give the best route option for that RV. It also includes a directory of RV campgrounds and services. How awesome is that?

Helpful RV Travel Planning Books for RVers

Ways to Keep Track of RV Travel

National Parks Annual Pass

It’s safe to say that most RVers love visiting National Parks. So an America the Beautiful Pass makes one of the best gifts for RV owners! It will give them access to more than 2,000 federal recreation sites in the United States, including all the National Parks!

Ultimate World Travel Checklist

For the RVers who love to travel and want to see as much of the world as possible, this Ultimate World Travel Checklist is a must-have to keep track of all their travels!

The Checklist includes all 7 continents, covering the United States, Canada, and the rest of the world. So for those RVers who RV in Europe or Australia or anywhere else for that matter, they’re covered.

There’s also a States of the USA Checklist, National Parks Checklist, and Canada National Parks Checklist. Plus, it has 4 extra BONUSES, including an RV Travel Planner, Road Trip Planner, and more!

Plus, everything is fillable. So they can type on it and click to check the boxes as they go. How handy is that?! RVers will enjoy checking places off as they visit them, making this Ultimate World Travel Checklist an awesome gift for RV owners!

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Book RVing Gifts for New or Future RV Owners

So this category of gifts is specifically for new or future RV owners rather than experienced RVers. If you’re looking for a gift for an RV newbie or soon-to-be RVer, these books cover the basics and could be really helpful for them.

Electronic RVing Gifts for RV Owners

Portable Power Station

When it comes to RVing, RVers can go the glamping route or choose to rough it out in the wilderness. Either way, electricity isn’t a given and can be hard to come by. Even if an RV park has electricity, there can still be a power outage. So a portable power station can really come in handy for RV owners!

The Jackery Portable Power Station is a portable power source to charge and run all kinds of electronic devices. It can be used for phones, laptops, tablets, camera batteries, lights, electric heaters, electric coolers, portable air compressors, portable projectors, etc., etc. You get the idea.

A portable power station is great to have on hand for emergencies or just for an extra power source. I’m sure any RV owner who gets one as a gift will be able to find a dozen uses for it!

Cell Phone Signal Booster

With so many RV owners working remotely from the road or trying to stay in touch with loved ones, a strong, reliable, and fast cell signal and WiFi connection is a must for RVers.

Unfortunately, there are many places where cell signals and WiFi are practically non-existent. To avoid reverting back to the stone age with dial-up internet speeds and zero cell phone connection, a cell phone signal booster seems to be a must for RVers.

The weBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster is a popular cell booster with RV owners. And it’s one of the splurge items on our list of things to get next for our RV. If you bought a cell phone signal booster as a gift for an RVer, you’d probably be a life-saver!

Digital Mirrorless Camera

When I’m RVing, I love seeing the sights, hitting the trails, and exploring nature while taking photos of everything! So a good quality, compact, and lightweight camera was a must for me.

After countless hours of research, I decided a mirrorless camera would be the best option for me, and I ended up with the fabulous Canon EOS M50

It takes great photos, weighs practically nothing, and is a convenient size perfect for hiking and traveling. ⁠If the RV owner you’re shopping for is a snap-happy photo-taker, they’ll be thrilled to get this camera as a gift!

You can also get them a wireless camera remote, spare batteries, and/or lens filters to go with their new camera if you’re feeling extra generous.

Lightweight Camera Tripod

I scoured the internet, searching high and low for a lightweight (yet decent quality) tripod that I could travel and hike with without being weighed down. After searching, extensively I finally came across the ideal lightweight tripod weighing just slightly over 1 lb!

This tripod only holds a camera weighing up to 4.4 lbs, but lucky for me, my Canon EOS M50 camera weighs much less than that!⁠ The total weight for both my camera and tripod is just barely over 2 lbs!  Plus, it also works with smartphones. 

Wanna know what the best part is though? This tripod is super affordable!⁠ Sure it’s not top-of-the-line quality, but it works great! I’m so happy with it! This tripod will make a great gift for any RVer in need of a lightweight tripod for their adventures.

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Other Must-Have RVing Gifts for RV Owners



Travel Games


RVing Gift Cards for RV Owners

Still not sure what gift to get the RVers and RV owners in your life? You can’t go wrong with a gift card to a place with plenty of RVing gear for them to enjoy!

Amazon Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card

Gift Cards

Etsy Gift Card

REI Gift Card

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Wrapping Up the Best Gifts for RV Owners

You probably came to this post scratching your head without a clue of what to get the RV owners in your life. But now with so many RVer gift options, you should be confident in your gift-giving and ready to start shopping. Go you!

Whether you’re buying RV gifts for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or any occasion, you’re sure to find the perfect gift idea in this ultimate gift guide with the best gifts for RV owners!


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Best Gifts for RV Owners and RVers - 100+ gifts RVers will actually use and love!
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Best Gifts for RV Owners with Over 100 Gift Ideas for RVers
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  1. Alyssa

    Wow, lots of great ideas! I will have to keep this list for when I’m Christmas shopping! I’m sure some of my friends will be ecstatic over these gifts.

    • Briana Nickas

      Thanks, Alyssa! Hope this list comes in handy for your Christmas shopping. These items will make great gifts for RVers, campers, hikers, travelers, and outdoor lovers. So I’m sure your friends will love what you get them. 🙂

  2. Mihaela |

    If I had an RV, I would email this list to my friends for Christmas inspiration! 😄
    Now that I’m thinking, I don’t know anyone who owns one. But I still like the coffee maker and it fits in my car:)) OK, I’ve decided I’m sending the list with this little suggestion!

    • Briana Nickas

      Bahaha! 🤣 Love it! You don’t have to be an RVer, camper, or RV owner to enjoy quite a few of the items on this list. The Keurig would totally fit in a car and make some handy coffee for while you’re driving if you have an outlet. That’s a great idea! Now I want one for our truck to have coffee while we’re on the road towing our RV. 😉 Thanks for the idea, Mihaela!

  3. Living A Boss Life

    Wow! This is an incredible post with so many great gift ideas! I used to run a little custom shop and the apparel and glassware you recommend were totally things my camping RV customers were asking for! You nailed it right on the head. Thanks for all the time and energy you put into making the number one gift guide for RV/ Camping Lovers!

    • Briana Nickas

      You just made my day, Jenn! 🥰 Thank you! That’s so great to know that my gift guide for RVers and campers has items they asked for in your shop. I really wanted to include gift options that RV owners would actually use and love. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the confirmation!

  4. Thaissu

    That is an amazing list of gifts! I have to say after owning 4 – 5th wheels, the one thing that lasted through them all was a little sign saying “home is where you park it”, and I love it! because that is the reality of RVers! another very useful thing is the pressure cooker, not sure what I would have done without it during winter travels!

    • Briana Nickas

      Thank you, Thaissu! I love the concept of “home is where you park it” for RVing! 🥰 It’s so universal because it works for any type of RV and any type of RVer. And I’m happy to hear that you enjoy having a pressure cooker for your RV. I love using my Instant Pot!

  5. Kimberly

    This is an amazing list. What more could a person ask for! I’m pushing for an RV at my house.

    • Briana Nickas

      Thanks so much, Kimberly! RVing is the best! I hope you get an RV, so you can experience RV life (and get some of the RV items on this list). 😉

  6. Brittany

    I love this blog! I’m an avid camper and I would LOVE to have some of these gifts! You really did your research. Now, I can’t wait to get out there again!!☺️

    • Briana Nickas

      Thanks so much, Brittany! It means the world to me to hear that you love my blog. 🥰 I enjoyed researching these gift ideas because I’d also love to get many of these items for myself. Haha! Hope to cross paths with you at a campground sometime!

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