Soldier Pass Trail in Sedona: How To Hike to the Secret Cave

by | July 2020 | 20 comments

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Updated on 02/07/2023

Planning a trip to Sedona, AZ? Your visit to Red Rock Country won’t be complete without getting some hikes in while you’re there. And Soldier Pass Trail is a must for anyone wanting to explore Sedona!

We did some truly incredible hikes in Sedona. But hiking Soldier Pass Trail was my favorite! The beautiful trail has numerous natural features that will keep you in awe throughout your hike, including the secret Soldier Pass Trail Cave. 

Aside from the surrounding area being incredibly scenic, Soldier Pass Trail is also a fun hike in general. It requires some route finding as well as climbing to get up into the Soldier Pass Cave. 

I always enjoy scrambling and climbing as I hike. But throw in tracking down hidden trails to secret places, and I’m all like…

Hiking the Soldier Pass Trail in Sedona AZ - How To Find the Secret Soldier Pass Cave

Is that your thing too? If so, you’re going to love the Soldier Pass Trail in Sedona!

And guess what! In this post, I’ll tell you exactly how to find the hidden trail turn-off to reach the secret cave. Keep reading for all the details! And be sure to add the Soldier Pass Trail to your hiking list for your trip to Sedona!

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Planning a trip to Sedona, AZ? Soldier Pass Trail is a must for your visit! Get the scoop here on exactly how to find the hidden trail to the secret Soldier Pass Cave. #sedona #sedonaaz #soldierpass #soldierpasstrail… Click To Tweet
Briana in Soldier Pass Cave hiking the Soldier Pass Trail in Sedona

Hike Info for the Soldier Pass Trail

• Distance: 3.5-miles roundtrip (NOTE: I tracked our mileage using the AllTrails app, but I’ve seen others state the mileage as 4.1 to 4.5-miles. Somehow we ended up looping back on the Jeep road rather than the trail, so maybe that affected the distance.)

• Elevation: 620-feet (according to AllTrails)

• Difficulty: Moderate (climbing required to get into the cave)

• Trail Type: Out & Back

• Hiking Time: 3 hours (including time to explore the cave and take photos)

• Trailhead: Soldier Pass Trailhead

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Soldier Pass Trail Info at Trailhead
Briana Hiking on Soldier Pass Trail in Sedona

Doesn’t it look like I’m standing in front of a fake backdrop? Sedona is so picturesque! And the Soldier Pass Trail has some jaw-dropping views!

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Getting To the Soldier Pass Trail

From the main street of Sedona, head west on 89A. When you reach Soldiers Pass Rd, turn right heading North for 1.4 miles. 

Then turn right on Rim Shadows Dr/Shadow Rock Dr into a private neighborhood. After 0.2 miles, you’ll see the gated entrance for the parking lot on your left.

As you’re driving through the neighborhood to reach the parking lot for the trailhead, take note of all the “No Parking” signs. Parking is NOT allowed in the neighborhood.

Parking Info for Soldier Pass Trail

Soldier Pass Trail parking is limited. Be aware that the gated parking lot is only open from 8:00am to 6:00pm. Also, there’s only room for 16 vehicles to park in the lot at the trailhead (as of June 2020 when we were there). 

I didn’t notice any signs about a parking pass or permit being required to park at the trailhead (unlike other trailheads in Sedona).

And according to the Red Rock Country Map on the USDA website for the Red Rock Pass Program (the parking pass required for certain areas around Sedona), a parking pass is not required for the Soldier Pass Trailhead parking area (at least as of right now).

I’d recommend checking before you go though in case that changes. We had the pass from hiking and parking in other areas, so we displayed it just to be on the safe side.

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We arrived at the locked gate a few minutes before 7:30am and were the second car waiting in line behind the gate. By 7:52am, there were already five cars lined up to get in. I recommend getting there early as the parking lot fills up when the gate opens.

If you want to hike the trail for sunrise or sunset, your best bet is to park at the Jordan Road Trailhead and walk the extra 1.2 miles (each way) via the Cibola Pass Trail to Soldier Pass Trailhead

Or you could try to find street parking outside of the neighborhood and walk to the trailhead. But be sure to pay attention to parking restrictions and “No Parking” areas.

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Soldier Pass Trail Highlights

The mostly shaded Soldier Pass Trail has something for everyone with unique natural features and stunning red rock views. Up until the turn-off to Soldier Pass Cave, the trail is pretty easy.

It starts off with a slight descent to cross a wash then gradually climbs back up and levels out. Just ¼ mile from the trailhead, you’ll reach the first highlight of the Soldier Pass Trail: the Devils Kitchen Sinkhole.

Devils Kitchen Sinkhole

As you approach the active sinkhole, you’ll see the large hole in the ground measuring roughly 150 feet across and 50 feet deep. I’m not a geologist or scientist by any means so bare with me as I try to explain sinkholes… 

Sinkholes are often formed when water erodes the rock below the land surface dissolving the rock and resulting in the land above collapsing. If you want a more technical description for Devils Kitchen SInkhole, check out this article.

Based on my research the massive chunk of rock below is said to have fallen from a collapse in 1989 with the most recent collapse in 1995. Devils Kitchen Sinkhole may not be the main attraction on the trail, but it’s still an impressive sight to see.

After about another ½ mile, you’ll come to the second trail highlight: the Seven Sacred Pools.

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Seven Sacred Pools

The Seven Sacred Pools are an iconic photo-op in Sedona. The natural bowls in the rock fill with water forming seven consecutive pools lined up and pointing toward the scenic rock towers in the distance.

Sadly, the Seven Sacred Pools were mostly dry when we were there at the end of June. Boo! 🙁 The best time to see the pools with water in them is probably in the springtime or after recent rainfall.

Even though I was bummed the pools didn’t have water in them, they weren’t the main attraction I was hiking the Soldier Pass Trail for. The feature I was most interested in seeing on this hike was the top-secret Soldier Pass Cave!

Secret Soldier Pass Cave

The secret cave is the best part of hiking the Soldier Pass Trail (IMO)! Locating the entrance to the Soldier Pass cave and climbing into the narrow opening to discover an expansive cavern behind the rock wall is such an awesome experience!

The cave takes a bit of an effort to get to, but #worthit! You won’t find Soldier Pass Cave on the main trail and have to know where to turn-off to find it. Lucky for you though, I’m going to give you the scoop and tell you exactly how to get there!

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Briana and Justin in Soldier Pass Cave on the Soldier Pass Trail in Sedona

Hidden Turn-Off for the Soldier Pass Cave

After the Seven Sacred Pools, continue on the trail leading through the trees to the right. Roughly 0.7-miles ahead at this point, the trail forks at the wilderness area boundary sign. You’ll need to take the trail to the right leading to the cave. 

Be on the lookout for the following site with two signs – one on the right attached to a tree and one on the left posted in the ground stating “Trail” with an arrow pointing straight. The trail on the left is the main trail. Don’t go that way. Instead, follow the trail to the RIGHT.

This is the WAY TO GO on the RIGHT to reach the Soldier Pass Cave >>>

Do NOT go this way to the Left for the main Soldier Pass Trail >>>

Here’s the approximate mileage from certain points to the trail fork and turn-off to the right:

  • 0.7-mile from Seven Sacred Pools
  • 1.1-miles from Devils Kitchen
  • 1.4-mile from Soldier Pass Trailhead

After you turn off from the main trail, you’ll have a short incline to a large, flat mesa. Keep LEFT as you cross the mesa to find where the trail picks back up and climbs towards a wall of red sandstone.

Keep LEFT on the Large Mesa on Soldier Pass Trail to the Soldier Pass Cave

Eventually, you’ll see an arch formed on the side of the rock wall. That’s where you’re headed. Once you get closer, you’ll see there are actually two arches.

There’s a large arch to the left that doesn’t provide cave access but is a great spot to take in the view. The arch to the right with a hole above it is where you’ll access the cave. 

From the outside, you wouldn’t know it to look at it. But through that arch is a crevice on the right that opens up to the cave above.

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Accessing Soldier Pass Cave

From the arch on the right with the hole above it, look for the crevice to the right side. You’ll see some rocks stacked on each other forming steps leading up into the cave. This is where you’ll climb up into the cave.

Be careful as you step on the uneven rocks as they might be wobbly. Also, the steps don’t lead all the way up into the cave. You’ll have to climb into the opening and hoist yourself up from the last step using your hands and feet.

Make sure you wear shoes with good traction. My HOKA ONE ONE hiking shoes definitely came in handy and did great getting me in and out of the cave!

It also helps to have someone to give you a boost up or pull you into the cave going in and be there to spot you as you’re leaving. If you think it’s hard getting into the cave, it’s actually even more challenging climbing out.

Once you’re inside the cave, the deep crack you entered the cave through will be below you. It’s a little nerve-wracking walking alongside the crack as the rock ledges are narrow, and the steep drop-off can be dangerous. Again, wear shoes with a good grip. And watch your footing as you’re exploring the cave.

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Exploring Soldier Pass Cave

When we reached Soldier Pass Cave, it seemed like everyone else had the same idea as us getting to the trailhead right when the parking lot opened at 8:00am. The cave was pretty crowded when we got there and made it challenging to move around inside.

So we sat back and waited. After hanging out for about 30 minutes while everyone else enjoyed the cave, our patience paid off! We had it all to ourselves for another 30 minutes to take photos to our hearts’ content. It was amazing!

*PHOTO TIP: The cave is dark inside. To capture a clear photo of the cave’s interior, bring a lightweight tripod like this one I love hiking with to keep the camera stable for a longer exposure photo.

*On a side note, please be respectful of the cave. Don’t leave anything behind, including trash or writing (like one person did, unfortunately). Please follow the 7 Principles of Leave No Trace.

Returning to the Soldier Pass Trailhead

This is an out and back trail. So once you’re done taking in the beauty of the cave and the surrounding area, head back the way you came to return to the trailhead. Somehow, we ended up looping back on the 4×4 Jeep road parallel to the main trail. Oops! Luckily we made it back just fine as they intersected.

We finished our hike around 11:00am, roughly 3 hours later from when we started. When we left, there were a couple of parking spots open. So if you wanted to try to start hiking the trail later in the morning, you might be lucky enough to get a parking spot. 

Keep in mind that it can heat up later in the day though, especially in the summer months. Luckily this trail is pretty shaded. But you’ll still want to bring plenty of water, stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and use a hat.

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Wrapping Up the Soldier Pass Trail in Sedona and How To Hike to the Secret Cave

Sedona’s Red Rock Country is an amazing place to explore with stunning views practically everywhere you look. 

The Soldier Pass Trail is no exception and is a must-do hike if you’re visiting Sedona, AZ! If you’re short on time in Sedona, make sure you fit this rewarding trail into your agenda!

If hiking is your jam, be sure to grab your free Hiking Log to keep track of all the amazing hikes you do!

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Hiking Soldier Pass Trail - How To Find the Hidden Trail to the Secret Soldier Pass Cave Sedona Arizona

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  1. Shauna

    Wow! This sounds amazing! I am saving it to my bucket list for later. It would be a perfect addition to a southwest road trip!

    • Briana Nickas

      Thanks, Shauna! It was awesome! Such a great hike and definitely a must for a Southwest road trip!

      • Nimalee Chandrasekara

        Pretty cool, set of items. Very informative post and sounds good! Thank you for sharing!

        • Briana Nickas

          Thanks, Nimalee! Glad you found the post informative. It was such a great hike and an amazing experience! Hope you get the chance to do it sometime!

    • Melody

      Wow!! What an awesome blog post. I’ve spent a lot of time in Arizona and never heard of this cave! I’ll definitely have to check it out next winter. THANK YOU!

      • Briana Nickas

        Thanks, Melody! Happy to share it with you. 🙂 I’m sure winter will be much better for visiting than when we were there at the end of June. Haha! 🤣

  2. Tegan

    I live in AZ and have been to Sedona a thousand times but have never done this hike! This post is so informative and totally makes me want to go back to do this. What month did you do the hike? I feel like it would be really warm in the summer.

    • Briana Nickas

      Next time you’re in the Sedona area, you’ve gotta do this hike! We were there at the end of June, and it was HOT! 🥵 I’d definitely recommend going during some cooler weather. But luckily, this trail has a lot of shade. Plus, it’s cool inside the cave which helped and was nice for a break during the hike. Hope you get the chance to experience it!

    • Victoria

      Did you have to pay for parking or obtain a pass or permit to park?

      • Briana Nickas

        Hey Victoria! I didn’t notice any signs about a parking pass or permit being required to park at the trailhead. And according to the Red Rock Country Map on the USDA website for the Red Rock Pass Program (the parking pass required for certain areas around Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon), a parking pass is not required for the Soldier Pass Trailhead parking area (at least as of right now). I’d recommend checking before you go though in case that changes. We had the pass from hiking and parking in other areas, so we displayed it just to be on the safe side.

  3. Kelsey

    It looks beautiful! My fiancé frequently travels to AZ for work so I want to make a vacation out of it once everything reopens! I’ll definitely add this to my list!

    • Briana Nickas

      Sedona is absolutely stunning! And northern Arizona has some awesome places to visit. I’m planning on writing a blog post for a northern Arizona road trip with places to go there. But in the meantime, check out my post about Page, AZ. Make sure you add it to your Arizona vacation itinerary when you get the chance to visit with your fiancé! 🙂

  4. Josh B

    I love the outdoors around Sedona. I love Sedona! I was planning a trip in September/October and hopefully, we don’t have to cancel due to Covid because I was hoping to get back out on the trails and explore. This hike seems right up my alley. I’ve pinned it for later because I’ll definitely go once the status of the world changes a bit due to this pandemic.

    This is an odd question but did you visit any wineries or other cool places while you were in Sedona? If so, what other things do you suggest?

    • Briana Nickas

      Isn’t Sedona amazing?! I seriously think I could live there and never get tired of all the incredible views and red rock to explore! I hope you get the chance to go for your planned trip there in the fall. If you do, make sure you hike this trail! I’m glad you’ve saved the info to refer back to later.

      We were in Sedona during the COVID pandemic while Arizona was having record-breaking numbers of cases every day. So unfortunately, we didn’t get to do anything really other than hiking. But that was the main reason we visited anyway, so I didn’t mind. Although, I would have loved to have gone to a winery!

      We did manage to do the scenic drive on the 89A from Sedona to Flagstaff, which was gorgeous! I definitely recommend doing that. Also, I had wanted to go to Rock Slide State Park, but it was too crowded. So we decided to save that for another trip to Sedona. Check it out when you go!

  5. Jilian Skög

    absolutely loved this secret cave and finding it! big kudos to your blog because I would not have found it otherwise. really clear instructions and photos. few people stopped me to ask for help and I referred them to your blog as well.

    • Briana Nickas

      Thanks so much, Jilian! You totally made my day! 🥰 It’s incredibly rewarding to know that my blog post helped you find the secret Soldier Pass Cave and that you enjoyed the hike. Thank you also for sharing my blog with the other hikers you came across! I truly appreciate your support! 🙏 You rock!!!

  6. Maria

    Hi, just learned that you are also a HOKA ONE ONE running shoe fan like me! They are amazing, using them for last 4 years almost. What is you favorite from them for wet track? As i am planning to run on a trail which is bit muddy regularly. By the way, I have wide feet compare to others so need kind of best ( wide running shoes) actually. Thanks in advance!

    • Briana Nickas

      Hi Maria, thanks for your comment! To be honest, I”m not an expert on running shoes. My HOKA ONE ONE shoes are for hiking. They have excellent traction though. I’ve worn them in snow, water, on slick rock – they’ve done fabulously in all conditions! So I highly recommend HOKA ONE ONEs. I’m sure they have great running shoes too.

  7. Paula LeVasseur

    This post helped us so much! We hiked Soldiers Pass today. Your parking recommendations (the lot filled the minute the gate opened at 8 am – 14 cars in line!) were spot on. The details about the hidden cave, especially the photos were SO helpful! Not only had we not heard of the cave before, but never would have found it without your post. Thank you!

    • Briana Nickas

      Paula, you just made my day (okay, actually my month)! Thank you for your comment. I love hearing that my post helped you discover the secret Soldier Pass Cave in Sedona. Isn’t it amazing?! So glad you were able to experience it!

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