5 Creative Ways to Promote Your Blog on Instagram For Free

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Let me ask you a couple questions… First, do you have a blog? And second, are you on Instagram? If you answered “yes” to both, then you need to promote your blog on Instagram

Instagram is one of the top sources of traffic for my blog (behind Pinterest for blog traffic). It’s also a fabulous way to connect with your followers to convert them into blog traffic!

Nearly a billion people use Instagram monthly. So why not tap into that market for your blog? Your Instagram followers can become loyal followers of your blog as well.

This is why you need to promote your blog on Instagram! Aside from paying for ads, there are actually several free ways you can use Instagram for blog promotion. 

In fact, I’m going to give you 5 creative ways to promote your blog on Instagram for free. So keep reading if you want to start using Instagram to grow your blog!

5 Ways to Creatively Promote Your Blog on Instagram for Free

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How To Promote Your Blog on Instagram

1. Bio Link

You only get to use one link in your Instagram profile. So you really need to make that bio link count! Give your Instagram audience options of where to go on your blog.

Rather than sending your Instagram audience to just one blog page or post, send them to a landing page featuring multiple links to different blog posts, pages, and/or products!

There are tools you can use to create the landing page, such as Tailwind’s Smart.bio, Later.com’s Linkin.bio, or Linktree. BUT you should NOT use one of these bio link landing page tools! 

Divi Template for Instagram Links Landing Page

That’s because they’re driving YOUR blog traffic to another site instead of sending visitors straight to your site. You’re better off directing traffic straight to your blog rather than some other random site first

You can do that by creating an Instagram bio landing page on your website featuring links to your various blog posts, pages, products, and anywhere else you want to direct them.

To make it easy for you, I’ve created a fully customizable Template you can use with the Divi theme or the Divi Page Builder plugin if you’re using a different WordPress theme. This plug-and-play Template lets you create your own landing page on your site with your branding and as many links as you want!

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Get Your Divi Template for Instagram Links Landing Page

*PRO TIP: While you’re at it, make sure you include a Call-To-Action (CTA) in your Instagram bio telling your audience to click on your link below. Give them a reason to click it. How about  offering them a free resource?! 

Next Destination Unknown Instagram for Business Account Bio CTA

2. Captions

One of the downsides with Instagram is that, unfortunately, you can’t include links in your Instagram post captions. So you can’t actually link to your blog within your captions. BUT…

You can use your post captions to direct your Instagram audience to click on the link in your bio. Use a Call-To-Action (CTA) in your caption telling them to click on the link and why they should click on the link. 

Where will the link take them? Do you want them to visit a blog post? Be direct. Don’t be afraid to spell it out in your post caption. Otherwise, your audience may not be motivated to click on the link or even think to click on it.

And when your post captions tell people to click on the link in your bio, be sure to update your Instagram links landing page. You need to add the link to whatever you’re referencing in your post caption.

*PRO TIP: Use a quote from a blog post you want to promote as the caption for a photo you post on Instagram. Then add the following at the end: “Click on the link in my bio for more details” or “Click on the link in my bio for the complete blog post.” 

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3. Saved Replies

If you have a free Instagram Business Account, you’ll be able to use one of my favorite Instagram features – Saved Replies!

Have you heard of this incredibly helpful (and probably underutilized) Instagram feature? More importantly, have you been using them?

You need to connect with your Instagram followers by communicating with them. And a great way to do that is by sending your new followers a Direct Message (DM). 

But rather than re-typing the same messages over and over (because who wants to do that?), Saved Replies allow you to easily reuse your most used DMs.

Another reason Saved Replies are a must-use Instagram feature is because you can add links to DMs! Sending your Instagram followers a link to your blog makes it incredibly easy for them to visit it.

This blog growth strategy will easily drive traffic to your blog while also multiplying your email subscribers. How great is that?! And to make it easy for you, here’s a Free Instagram Saved Replies Swipe File of what you can say to your new Instagram followers!

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Free Instagram Saved Replies Swipe File

4. Stories

Are you one of the 500 million people using Instagram Stories on the daily? If not, you should be! Instagram Stories are a great way to promote your blog.

Once you reach more than 10k Instagram followers, you’ll be able to add links directly to your Stories with the “Swipe Up” feature. #goals

If you don’t have access to the Link in Stories feature yet, a good workaround is to tag yourself in your Stories. Do this by using the @Mention sticker with your username to create a clickable link to your profile where they can access your link in bio.

BONUS TIP: Use Pinterest Pins in Instagram Stories

You should be creating Pins for each of your blog posts to promote your blog on Pinterest. And since you’re already taking the time to create blog post Pins (right?), why not repurpose those Pins into Instagram Stories? 

Make those Pins work double-time! A super easy way to do that is to use Canva Pro to automatically resize your Pins (1000 x 1500 px) into the appropriate size for Stories (1080 x 1920 px). Voila! 

One design can be used on multiple channels with the click of a button. To take it a step further, use Tailwind to schedule your Pins to your Instagram Stories (and schedule all your Instagram Stories for that matter)!

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5. Combine Posts & Stories

You can use your Instagram posts and Stories together to create a more comprehensive user experience for your Instagram audience.

Start by publishing an Instagram post about your latest blog post. But don’t give all the details in the IG post. Instead, create a teaser and tell your viewers to go to your Stories for more details. 

Then have your Story instruct them to click the link in your bio as detailed above. As mentioned above, be sure to tag yourself in your Stories using the @Mention sticker with your username to create a clickable link to your profile.

This strategy of combining your posts and Stories will give your Instagram account more engagement while also driving people to your blog! #winwin

Wrapping Up How To Promote Your Blog on Instagram

When you have a blog, you can’t just write blog posts, hit publish, and wait for people to read them. You have to promote your blog! And Instagram should definitely be part of your blog promotion strategy.

If you want to pay to promote your posts on Instagram, go for it. But it can take awhile to make money from blogging, and I’m cheap frugal. So I’m all about free ways to promote your blog on Instagram. How about you?

These Instagram blog promotion strategies won’t cost you anything other than time and effort. And let’s face it, you won’t succeed at blogging if you don’t put those two key ingredients into it. 

So work these easy Instagram tactics into your blog promotion strategy. Because as you grow your Instagram following, you’ll simultaneously be growing your blog! 

Do you have other ways you like to promote your blog on Instagram? Do tell! I’d love to hear about them (and I’m sure everyone else would too)! Share your methods in the comments below.

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Divi Template for Instagram Links Landing Page

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5 Ways To Promote Your Blog On Instagram For Free=
How To Creatively Promote Your Blog On Instagram For Free
How To Promote Your Blog On Instagram For Free
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    • Briana Nickas

      So happy to hear that, Mihaela! 😄 When you do start using Instagram, be sure to use my Instagram Strategy for Bloggers to set up your Instagram account the right way, get followers, grow your account, and promote your blog with Instagram!

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